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ICN Announcements
Read the latest announcements about the Interstitial Cystitis Network here. From new site additions to newsletter releases, this is the place to get the latest ICN news!
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1,835 9,034
Jill's Journal (324/4,157)
Dec 2018 - Please share any problems or bugs you've encountered while trying to use this new, updated software!
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4 9
Patient Stories
Chronic Infection - Fungal/Bacterial
There is considerable debate and discussion about the role of chronic infection in IC. Whether you are a fan of Dr. Fuzzy or Dr. Malone-Lee, please feel free to share your story here.
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1 17
Elmiron / Eye Discussions
Researchers at the Emory Eye Center have discovered maculopathy in SOME patients with IC who have taken Elmiron for long periods of time. Share your story here.
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13 134
Introduce yourself and share your story
Share Your Interstitial Cystitis Story Here. When did it start for you? How did it begin?? What interstitial cystitis treatments worked for you?
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6,702 46,161
Pain Care Challenges (Share Your Story!)
With pain care now greatly limited, we're collecting stories from patients who are struggling to find pain care and/or who are treated with disrespect. Please tell us your story!
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33 177
Newly Diagnosed With Interstitial Cystitis
Introduce Yourself and share your interstitial cystitis story here!
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7,176 56,615
IC Success Stories
Share your Interstitial Cystitis Success Story Here
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1,191 12,773
IC Veterans (5+ years living with IC)
This forum is for patients who have been living with IC for more than five years, who have wisdom to share but who also need support and encouragement
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27 127
Men with Interstitial Cystitis
Are you a newly diagnosed man? Meet others here!
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475 3,487
My Interstitial Cystitis Is In Remission!
Yes, remission happens and happens often for interstitial cystitis patients. If you're in remission, please share your story and success tips here!
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415 5,017
Diagnostic Methods For Interstitial Cystitis
General Diagnostic Questions
Ask questions about the diagnosis of IC, PFD and pelvic pain here!
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3,151 19,079
Not Diagnosed Yet with Interstitial Cystitis?
Do you suspect you have interstitial cystitis but haven't been diagnosed yet? Post here!
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2,576 18,944
Topics: 4,108 Posts: 31,597
4,108 31,597
Treatment Options
Medical Marijuana and CBD
Share your experience using medical marijuana and/or CBD oil to relieve your symptoms.
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13 150
Oral Medications
Oral medications are usually the first treatment options suggested for patients with mild to moderate bladder symptoms and/or pain.
Topics: 6,327 Posts: 40,547
6,327 40,547
Bladder Instillation Therapy
Bladder instillations are often performed for mild, moderate and, in some cases, severe IC.
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2,193 16,004
Topics: 1,303 Posts: 9,387
1,303 9,387
Topics: 1,867 Posts: 14,867
1,867 14,867
T.E.N.S Therapy (224/1,382)
Nerve Blocks (103/629)
Surgical Interventions
Surgery is only considered after a patient has tried all of the other traditional therapies and is reserved for the most severe cases.
Topics: 1,087 Posts: 13,363
1,087 13,363
Bladder Removal (622/8,610)
Nerve Ablation (24/258)
Experimental or Controversial Treatments
Experimental therapies for interstitial cystitis (IC/PBS) are those currently being explored in research studies around the world. Their clinical trial results may not be available or are the result of a smaller, less credible study. We've included antibiotics in this discussion area because the role of bacteria in IC remains controversial at best. We have little conclusive evidence that IC is bacterial in nature.
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3,448 28,300
Alternative Therapies (1,442/10,585)
Cyclosporine (59/917)
Botox (296/2,553)
Other Treatments (955/6,411)
The IC Diet
General Diet Questions
Ask questions about diet and interstitial cystitis IC/PBS here!
Topics: 6,604 Posts: 45,974
6,604 45,974
IC Diet: Recipes
Share your favorite IC friendly recipes and menu ideas here!
Topics: 1,299 Posts: 3,173
1,299 3,173
Main Dishes (149/492)
Casseroles (12/51)
Salads and Soups (80/212)
Desserts (152/394)
Hot Drinks (83/406)
Cold Drinks (65/265)
Cookies & Candy (50/190)
Cocktails (3/27)
Topics: 61 Posts: 188
61 188
Breakfast (6/27)
Dinner (4/13)
Lunch (4/28)
Holidays (12/91)
Self-Help For Interstitial Cystitis
PMS, Perimenopause, Menopause
Are you struggling with hormonal changes?? Are they bothering your bladder?? Need to vent about your body changing?? Do it here!
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287 1,906
Topics: 185 Posts: 1,118
185 1,118
Depression & Anxiety
Discuss your thoughts and concerns about depression and anxiety here.
Topics: 1,227 Posts: 12,389
1,227 12,389
Topics: 584 Posts: 4,543
584 4,543
Topics: 476 Posts: 3,586
476 3,586
Managing Interstitial Cystitis Flares
Pain Management For Interstitial Cystitis
Discuss pain management strategies here!
Topics: 2,759 Posts: 23,716
2,759 23,716
Help! I'm in an interstitial cystitis flare!
Are you in a flare? Need support? Post here!
Topics: 3,769 Posts: 28,624
3,769 28,624
Flare Coping Strategies For Interstitial Cystitis
Please share your best interstitial cystitis flare coping strategies here! This is NOT to post questions about treatments, therapies or managing flares. We JUST want to hear great techniques for handling flares!
Topics: 645 Posts: 5,718
645 5,718
Related Conditions to Interstitial Cystitis
IC & Other Related Conditions
Research has demonstrated a clear connection between IC, IBS, vulvodynia, prostatodynia and other related conditions. Discuss them here!
Topics: 4,408 Posts: 30,925
4,408 30,925
Fibromyalgia (92/604)
Vulvodynia (938/6,878)
Dry Eyes/Dry Mouth (141/906)
Fungal Infections (339/2,762)
Other Related Conditions (1,883/13,816)
Pregnancy and Parenting With Interstitial Cystitis
Topics: 1,212 Posts: 6,832
1,212 6,832
I'm Pregnant! (690/6,374)
Infertility (63/397)
Parenting with IC
When a mother or wife develops IC, it can often impact how she feels about her abilities in those roles. Talk about it here!
Topics: 481 Posts: 4,111
481 4,111
Health Insurance & Disability Benefits
Health Insurance
Is this a can of worms or what?? Ask questions or discuss any issues you might have with your health insurance coverage
Topics: 34 Posts: 139
34 139
Topics: 272 Posts: 1,629
272 1,629
Social Security Disability Q&A
Are you considering applying disability insurance? In the Appeals process? Post your questions here.
Topics: 805 Posts: 5,904
805 5,904
Social Life - Family, Friends, Dating
Topics: 221 Posts: 1,664
221 1,664
Dating with IC (47/359)
Topics: 1,405 Posts: 12,689
1,405 12,689
What do you think causes Interstitial Cystitis?
While research hasn't found one specific cause of interstitial cystitis, there are several strong opinions out there. What do you think about the cause of IC? Any ideas? Debate them here!
Topics: 400 Posts: 3,874
400 3,874