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    Many times there are posts from members then we don't "hear" anything and I can't help but wonder and worry if they are OK. Would it be possible to have a section for just keeping in touch with each other? Thanks, Jo

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    I know what you mean. Certain people just "drop from radar" But isn't this entire message board a way to keep in touch?

    Perhaps you can exchange Phone #'s and email/snail-mail addy's with the certain individuals, if they are prone not to being on ICN daily. I have contact with several ICer's apart from this board with those methods.

    Just a thought.
    y. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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      I guess there was one in particular recently that I was concerned about because she seemed to be have a really hard time at home, etc. Haven't seen her post on the board and don't have her email address but just hoped that she was ok. She's been in my prayers. Jo


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        I know many of us have had a hard time at home, I am one of those !
        But just in case I am the one you are referring to - I am doing much better.
        Have had a really bad flare lately but it is getting better with each passing day. Hopefully it will continue.

        My home life is alot better as my husband is more understanding now and is doing lots of research on IC - And is considerate of me and is there emotionally for me as well as physically.
        I will try to post more and stay in touch.
        It is just that with working and trying to survive in the crazy stressful world of IC - sometimes I just do not feel like even turning on my computer at home.

        I hope everyone is doing well today.
        Minute by minute that is how we have to live.
        Or at least for me that is how it is, LOL

        Take care everyone, and you are all in my prayers.


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          Lots of people come and go on the ICN, especially when we go thru format changes but we can still keep them on our prayer lists and in our hearts~
          Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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            Rhonda, I so happy for you that things are going better at home. Yes, you were the one I was really worried about and I totally understand about how busy life can be. Good to hear from you, Jo