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Confusion??? Neurostim vs. Interstim

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  • Confusion??? Neurostim vs. Interstim

    I used to be confused about the difference, and I think others could possible use some clarification if there were two different boards. The Neurostimulator device by Medtronics is used for Pain. The interstim which is a neuromodulator is suppose to be used for frequency and urgency. I was so hoping that there was a neurostimulator board, but when i went there, it was really the neoruomodulator board regarding the Interstim, which is totally different than the neurostim.
    Would there be some way to offer a separate board or distinquish two boards that address each.
    I know that I would have loved to see the difference of the two, before I had my interstim surgery for pain when indeed the whole device is not even recommended or approved for such. Had I seen that there was a board that addressed the one used for pain, it may have even saved me a surgery.......
    Thanks for listening...
    I read through all the posts on the nerve stimulation boards and all of them addressed the interstim.
    Do you know where I might be able to read info. from anyone who may have tried the Neurostim??
    Thanks so much......this board is truly a lifesaver for those of us who suffer.....

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    I second what Peggy said, first that this message board saves my hide... almost every day.

    Secondly that I'm looking for information on the SCS as well. I could really use some assistance or to hear some stories from folks that have one.



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      Wow I must say I am confused! The Medtronics site calls it a "interstim neurostimular". When I search for neuromodulation they still refer me back to the interstim as a neurostimulator.


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        And I don't think I would ever let anyone implant an Interstim. I need to know if the Interstim is the same thing, and if it's used the same way as the SCS machine.

        I just don't know.


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          When I went to my new uro in July he mentioned the interstim. I just have a real tough time with implanting something like that in my back. I don't know, unless I am misunderstanding the whole concept. I guess I will make do with whatever else I can do for the frequency.

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            Right, but I think that's the confusion. Is the Insterstim the exact same machine as the Nurostimulator? And is it placed the same way? And have people had the same results?

            In the pamphlet that I have they refer to it as the SCS, and nowhere does it say Interstim.

            It's confusing.


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              I think its dependant on the model.

              The words "Nerve Stimulation" are a blanket [words] to cover freq/urgency as well as pain devices.

              InterStim® is the BRAND name for the specific device (aka: neurstimulator, neuromodulator etc.) that deals with urgency frequency-or urge incontience.

              Synergy® is a BRAND name for one of the many of the neromodulators (aka neurostimulators) that relieves pain.

              The boards aren't ALL interstim--it prolly appears that way because that's all mostly what we have implanted in us. THere's neurostimulators devices out there for all sorts of things including Parkinson's. Like I said, it jsut happens we talk mainly about InterStim because that's the majority around here.

              The devices for pain are more new than the InterStim®, based on
              the press releases I have read, its still hard to say whether or not Synergy or its comapnions will even helpthier target market --__> people with severe back pain, let alone IC pain.
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                I'm wondering if even some doctors have been confused. I never heard of Synergy and I find the information interesting. I believe the Interstim is not marketed for pain and meditronic in my country never says it is for pain.


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                  The interstim site is


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                    I found out the difference today at the doctor's....... SNS, Sacral Nerve Stimulator is the Interstim and is specifically designed for frequency and urgency problems. This device is placed on the Sacral Nerve. SCS, Spinal Cord Stimulator is placed higher on the spine, s2-24 or L2-L4, can't remember, but the placement on that part of the spine, affects pain control.
                    I'm still not certain if the devices are the same or if there are some differences between them or if its just the matter of placement on the spine.
                    I hope this helps......
                    I think it would helpful to mayber have a board for SNS, Interstim(device for freq. and urgency), and SCS, Spinal Cord Stimulator(device used for Pain)
                    Medtronics needs to be more clear about these devices, because it sure isn't on the site itself.
                    God Bless All,