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  • Chat room for interstim patients

    Jill, are you going to organize a chat in the chat room with patients that has the interstim in??? Deborah Bush

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    nothing helping for pain

    Im always laying around cause of pain i tried everything instillations from inside bladder surgery pain pills and elmiron now they want me to do the interstim shouldd i will it help any for pain so i can enioy life



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      If you are doing Insterstim for pain, then no you are being told the wrong thing. Interstim is not for pain.. It is for uregency/frequency only. Please do more research on this and if you have to take it to you Dr and show then it is not for pain.


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        I agree I have the Interstim and it is def. not for pain. Usually it is done for urgency and freq when all other forms of treatments and option's have been tried and failed. Before doing the interstim check and research everything. This is not something you can do one day and dec not to the next. And it can be very expensive so make sure your insurance will cover it and reprogrammings if neccessary.

        Some people have benifited with pain. Few but I think there are some. I think that their pain would come from the freq and urgency and those that have bladder retention. I still take pain meds 24/7 and remember this will not cure your IC only "hopefully" help with it.

        Good luck on your decision and let us know what you choose to do.
        God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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