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    I'm looking to find out if there is a possibility to get a forum where we can post more general questions? I don't post very much because most of the questions Ihave don't seem to fall into any particular category. For example, I want to know if anyone has thought they may have felt a flare come on due to household products, like detergent, windex, etc. That doesn't seem to have an appropriate place to be posted. Any suggestions?

    Thank so much.


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    Hi Dana, please post anywhere. You could post under Help I am in flare due to etc etc. You have good question. I don't know the answer to that one. Hang in there. There is hope. This too shall pass.
    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie


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      you could post that question under Help I'm in a flare. Just post that you have a question RE: household products. Thats a very interesting question though. I have never thought about the products I used contributing to a flare. I mean, we do inhale them and they do get into our bloodstream through skin. I will have to keep my eyes peeled and see if there is anything that bothers me.
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        Ammonia bothers me.


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          That's a good question. I have been working in a hotel for the last year and use cleaning products;bleach,windex, air freshener and furniture polish, all day long. I have had 4 major uti's or flares since I started there.there may be a connection.
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            I have lived in this apartment for 9 years. It is old and damp. I bleach the countertops in kitchen because the grout is so old and stains. If I left a peach on my counter overnight, it will get mold on it by the next morning. My viniger grows mushrooms if left in the kichen cupboard. blah I think that there could be a mould connection. scream Since living here, I developed migraines and IC and it seems I now have have vulvodynia.

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              Before we had tons, and tons and tons of boards and forums and sections.....the most popular place to post was under "Daily Chatter". That was where everyone posted anything and everything related to IC.

              For some reason, I think people think the "Daily chatter" section is for non-IC related stuff.
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                you can post anywhere..
                and bleach is bad for me.. and hair dyes too... grouphug


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                  I work in an holistic dental practice and we have approx. 12 patients whohave IC in varying degrees. Many patients will get a huge flare up of their symptoms following any appointment where they had local anesthetic (dental freezing). Most of them contain epinephrine (a type of adrenalin). It is found in most anesthetics because it is a vasocontrictor which allows the freezing to last longer than without it. In our office we never use the kind that has the epinephrine which does mean we may need to give a bit more freezing during the procedure but at least we aren't throwing our IC patients into a flare.


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                    These things can be absorbed through the skin, nose, etc. They can be an irritant to those who are sensitive to them.


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                      I agree with Yvette...Daily chatter seems to be an off topic of IC forum. Maybe we could get this name changed to just appeal to those thoughts you have but can't seem to find a spot for. I think when we post and it's current its doesn't matter so much, but for those who read via each forum, it may get lost.

                      Wow I just noted this is an old post, but what the heck, sending anyway!
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                        cleaning products

                        Yes. Certain cleaning products can totally cause a flare. As can certain soaps, lotions, hair care products, etc. I saw a thing on The View about special cleaning products for people with asthma and allergies. Might help us, you think?