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    I am concerned about other people who have no means of accessing the web.It was only the last couple of years that I can afford to access the web. Don't ask me how becoz the truth is sometimes ugly but reality is reality.I have no ability to get a used or come near to have an access to an internet.This disease almost drove me to being destitute.Now that I have, I just wished that I have known some of these information when I was going through my nastiest struggle to survive.I was almost homeless becoz of this disease.I got evicted many times ,fired many times.I saw short term disability,i never thought there is such a thing.I survived the toughest years,with one son ,I struggle to gain custody.But I remained my joint custody with his father inspite of my illnesses.I hide it pretty good.I am alone in this country not knowing what do I got,how serious what I got & how to survive them.At the pain clinic, I talked to my attending physician who happened to be an immigrant too & I told him the truth about my situation.No help from the State nor family around,what would you do? He told me he admired me.I told him exactly how I survived to put food in my table for me & my son,have my car fixed or inspected when it is time or broken.Have a camera when my son have to be in a play.Give him money for picture taking.He put his one arm around my shoulder & said you conquer the world.That is the last time I saw him.I worry about these people who are in the same shoes I was ,I met one @ the meeting.I asked her if she has access to the net but she said I don't even know if I will have a house next month.Suddenly I felt like she is me during those times ,I use to get very angry when I hear people complain about the weather.
    Not one Doctor advocated to check the internet to me.
    I do want to reach out but the attitude by these doctors is "don't ask,don't tell".

    How can we reach them? There are women out there that are like me before. I worked with this company for 7 years & they just let go of me becoz I use the bathroom a lot.....And I was diagnosed during the time I was employed.

    I am not saying that I am not sympathetic of all of you here,but there are victims of this disease that can tell you,never mind the IC just help me how can I survive today if you don't have a health insurance & is not eligible to any State or Federal assistance. I applied to the YMCA for the physical fitness before & they asked me I needed proof of my income,I said I have no income,they thought I am kidding,but I said I am serious, I am sick & I am not eligible for blah..blah blah blah.So I was denied,they require that at least you must be on welfare or some sort of assistance that I wished I could but I am not.So they insisted for me to come up with something ,I got the letter from our welfare the reason I am not eligible,only then they allowed me to use the facility,but I still have to pay $25 a month.
    I am just trying to convey to you people that this is what this disease has done in my life. Never mind the pain itself but the consequences that the pain brings.Everyday I am scared not knowing where I am suppose to go next time.Whether I have a place to live.Somehow I manage, thanks for being thin & a little gutsy.
    During the hearing on my disability ,I asked my lawyer ,what would I say if the judge asked me ,so all these years how did I survive? he said to me ,tell the truth.But I said he might not like the he answered the judge for me.

    From then on I promised to look after them....Let us look after them.