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How about a topic on household tips?

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  • How about a topic on household tips?

    okay, so the house will NEVER be as it use to be BUT there are problems that I run into and I spend money after money after money trying to fix, remove, repair, you think we could help each other out on how to get these jobs done with the least amount of pain involved?

    We haven't had a new topic added in a long time and with summer coming and the sun coming thru the windows I'm NOT liking what I see eek eek eek eek eek
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    Look the other way LOL. I find anything to do with bending, like making beds, changing sheets kills me. I finally hired a cleaning girl every other week to do the heavy stuff & I just kind of pick up in between. Not great, but better. jester Kathi
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      great suggestion I need a maid.......
      how about
      Daily tip on how to do.......
      Brat (cindy_for teri) lmao
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      • #4's my gripe.....any tips on PYRIDIUM STAINS??? The vinegar and/or bleach doesn't work. And I've already worn out the finish on one toilet seat already! eek I'm not kidding...literally wore holes in the seat from scrubbing.

        geeeeezzzzz that stuff gets everywhere! (So what does that say about our public bathrooms....about the pee we can't see???? yeeeesh.) lmao
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          Try household ammonia on the toliet seat.


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            Okay, laugh you guys but I'm serious. ( HB did tell me I could hire someone until I found her then HB changed his friggin' mind)

            yvette~I would (no b.s. watch for cheap toilet seats and stock up on them.) OR, give in and buy a good wood one. Not real comfy but it worked for me. (by the way...if you are still looking for a man I'll give you mine for a month and you will be completely cured blink )

            I've got a stain that's been treated with EVERYTHING made on my beigh carpet. We think it started as a kitty pee-pee stain. It's making me nutz cuz it's in a place that's very noticable. Any help?

            And, MAKE-UP I blew another 10 bucks on a powder that I wanted to beable to wear just if I was running up to the drug store or somewhere quick. NO where did it say there was shiney crap in the, at my age, "Loose-to-go" was a BAD buy. Why do I was sparkles on my face???????? Why would anyone want sparkles on their face???????? But I wasted 10 bucks cuz I didn't know.

            THAT'S the kind of site, board topic I'm talkin' about. I know you guys are pullin' my leg, I can feel it and you can let loose any time now
            Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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              Hey, Teri, I've never done this, but my friend took makeup back to Walmart because it was the wrong color! They exchanged it for her! It's worth a shot. I mean, ten bucks is ten bucks! wink
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                I definitely would take the powder back --- and exchange it for something without glitter!

                Hmmmmm ..... I wonder ..... how about using the Daily Chatter board for this?

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                  Teri, take it back....... why not it dosent say spakels added on it, what a crock, really who wants to walk around wearing glitter
                  Prydium stains...... uuuuuummmm I called and asked my mom..... she said she never could find anything to get them out.... sorry.....
                  kitty stain..... did you try the woolite stain remover???? just a guess, I have pups that seem to be turning in to little ponies scream
                  have a great day
                  'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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                    The best thing I have ever bought for kitty stains is Oxy-Clean, mix a little in a squirt bottle with HOT water, and it will take it out.
                    At my age if I ever bought anything with sparkles in it, it would be back at the store that very day
                    Take it back and show them it doesn't say sparkles in it. Thats all I need on my wrinkles!!
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