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    Have any researcher considers looking into the biogenetics aspect of IC? The explaination in any medical theory that causes IC is so vague to understand e.g.the lining is defective.How it is defective.What is the main component of the cells that is exactly defective.Is it the outer membrane of each cell or is it the layer that connects from one cell to another.Interstitial meaning in between. In between what? Maybe,I just say maybe,that a biogeneticist might have a more
    scientific information/explanation to our problem because they are the ones who can explain it to the core of cellular standpoint. In my mind I have a very vague understanding of this disease & I like to know more on my own.I am just curious to know how exactly the mechanics of this disease goes.

    Isn't it worthwhile to look or ask a biogeneticist to speak to us or get their opinion on this disease?

    If they can tell these day in age somehow thru DNA/RNA who is susceptible of getting Alzheimer's disease in the future,I believed ,the least,they can find out for us is how the disease affects our bladder cells,if it is indeed that the culprit is attacking the bladder lining.

    I post this question in the ICA before but the answer is not satisfactory that it answer my question.

    All these desperation is driving me nuts to look into it more & more each day.I felt like I am running out of time, I even think of going to see a geneticist ,but I couldn't find one that accepts patients.Ahhhhh so much of this craziness.

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    I like your ideas. You're obviously a person who thinks about these things like I do. I wonder if we have any bio-genetists (sp?) involved in IC research at present? I think it's good that there's a research project to find out more about IC bio-markers in the urine. Maybe the next stage of research will delve into the details of exactly how the APF Factor and whatever other bio-markers they find, damage our bladders.


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      Although I suspect the cause of IC is at least part genetic, It wouldn't do you any good seeing a geneticist(sp?) at this time. Too little research has been done on that part of this disease. At this time, no genes for IC have been identified. That doesn't mean they don't exist, they just haven't been found.