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  • This is strange...Private

    Unless I sign on, every forum is PRIVATE.

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    I am having the same problem which is odd since it has never happened before.


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      Me too - maybe they have changed some settings so it will work this way. I, for one, think it is a good idea - that way if people are going to read our most private thoughts and feelings they at least have to sign up as members! What do you guys think?


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        What I think is strange is at the top of the page it says how many members and guests are on - how can there be guests on if it says private on all the posts?


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          Me too, I thought maybe it was something new that was done.



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            I just sent Jill a PM to ask if something changed.


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              Something DID change. Check out the ICN announcement forum. The whole explanation is there. It's not just you guys, and it's for the good of the board.

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                Yeah, we had to make the change to focus on safety. Yes, "guests" can still see the front page of the forum.. they just can't read anything.

                I want to try this out and see what happens doing it this way. Appreciate all of your comments and suggestions.

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