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B12 and feeling better...

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  • B12 and feeling better...

    In the past, and just recently, I had been suffering some uncomfortable feelings in the vaginal and pubic region. I truly believe it is nerve related. It is like a mild arousal type symptom and tingling. I hate it! It is my worst symptom. I would rather have pelvic pain than this. Anyway, I remember reading somewhere that B12 can help with nerve problems, so I decided to take some (even though I know it can cause a flare). Well, that feeling has decreased by about 90%! I am hoping it is not coincidental, and that I won’t flare. Fingers crossed!! Just thought I would share Incase someone is going through the same thing!

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    Hi Leelee,

    How is your arousal feeling? I have been suffering with similar feelings. For me, it is worse after exercise. I CANNOT do yoga or pilates or anything that clenches my pelvic floor muscles because that sets it off big time. It is such an annoying feeling and so frustrating! I hope you are doing better. Any advice or words of comfort would be greatly appreciated!


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      I'd just like to say to the IC Network.

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