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Slight bladder leakage ???

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  • Slight bladder leakage ???

    Hey everyone.

    I am a year post op ( laprascopic hysterectomy with Endometriosis excision). I was diagnosed with IC back in 2005. I have up and down times with it. During my hysterectomyThey found 4th stage endo and excised it all away. I only kept my right ovary. My bladder had a little bit of a rough time right after surgery, but it seemed to be okay ( back to my normal) about three to 4 months after my surgery. Well last week I started having some pain again and just today left a urine sample to get tested to make sure there is no UTI going on. I also feel like when my bladder starts filling too much, I feel like I could leak out a little. After I finish pee'ing, I stand up and it seems like a little drip falls down right after I stand up. Maybe it is just because the urine pools a little in the vaginal opening while I am sitting and when I stand it falls out, I am not sure. It just feels like I am flaring, but I am worried about possibly developing bladder incontinence, prolapse, or over active bladder from the surgery. I cannot even explain the feeling I am having. It is like I get the urge to go and feels like it is close to the urethra opening. I sit down and start peeing right away, like it does not take much time to come out. This just started a week ago out of the blue after my bladder started feeling irritated again. Just wondering if anyone else has this type of feeling??

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    This isn't unusual. I find that if I hold a piece of toilet tissue to keep from dripping on the floor, then stand up part way and sit back down, there is always more urine. Have you been straining to urinate? If so, I suggest concentrating on relaxing instead of straining.

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