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If AZO/Pyridium doesn't help, does this mean that what I have is PFD and not IC?

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    Originally posted by ICNDonna View Post
    I have to admit that wearing a mask can cover things like wrinkles and those days when I don't want to bother with makeup. I do wish everyone would mask up until this is over.
    It helped to be wearing a mask when going to pelvic physical therapy and urologist appointments. I am glad I didn't develop IC in the days before COVID.

    I used to swear by my N95 masks. However, then I learned that the authorities in Bavaria, Germany made N95 masks mandatory. The data seems to show that Bavaria's number that tested positive for COVID has followed the same trajectory as that in the neighbouring regions where N95 masks weren't mandatory. So either N95 masks are ineffective, or they are ineffective with "typical use". If it is the latter, then the people who wear those masks properly might still be protected. Having said all of the above, I still choose to wear N95 masks, but I don't know how much protection I am getting/people around me are getting.


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      I have N95 masks for anywhere I have concerns and cloth ones with filters inside for outdoor places and places with high ceilings and plenty of room for distancing. It seems like every time we make some progress against Covid --- another variant strikes --- add the family gatherings and parties of the holidays and it's showing in the huge numbers of new cases.

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