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Urethral Stricture/Catheter

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  • Urethral Stricture/Catheter

    I was diagnosed with IC when I underwent a cystoscopy/hydrodistention in 1999. Since then I have developed a urethral stricture in addition to the IC. I am having another cysto/hydro tomorrow, 2/25, and my urologist is going to take care of the stricture. I have a very poor stream. Anyway, he says I will go home with a catheter for 3-5 days to help keep the urethra open as it begins to heal. Has anyone had to go home with a catheter like this? That is the only thing I am worried about. But if it helps with the stricture, I can deal with it. I would like to hear your feedback on the catheter part.


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    Hi, yes I had an indwelling catheter for a week, when I was first diagnosed with IC, there was a tear in my bladder at the time, so I had no other options. I had several other surgeries done at the same time, so I could not tell if the catheter bothered me, as I was in pain from the other surgeries. It was very easy to handle, it was strapped to my leg, the only problem I had was, if it was full, it was awkward to walk with that strapped to your leg, but I got used to it. Had another catheter for night, that I was able to switch to, and it just went beside the bed. I must say I got quite proficient at using it, and it was no problem coming out. I did get a lot of bladder spasms but it was all due to my IC, not the catheter. Hope this can be of some help to you, hugs Iris. hi grouphug
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