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Hydro after BDG treatments

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  • Hydro after BDG treatments

    This question is pretty specific. Has anyone had a Hydrodistention BEFORE and AFTER receiveing BCG treatments? And if so, was you reaction worse after the BCG? I've had hydro three times in the past 3 years, and all 3 times I was totally fine by that night - no burning, nothing. It helped a little with my frequency and urgency and I did not have any pain. I've had 6 and 3 sessions of BCG last year and now on Tuesday I had another Hydro. I am getting worse by the day, my body feels like my insides are coming out and it kills me to pee. This has never happened before after the Hydro and i'm still expecting it to go away, but its not. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    my title should have been Hydro after BCG, sorry....