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  • ICNDonna
    Unfortunately, with IC there are some sometimes tough decisions to make. I chose the medical route, complete with hydrodistentions and medications. I know there are some people who can completely control symptoms with diet alone.

    The best advice I can think of is to explore all your options, then make the decision you think is best for you.

    Sending an encouraging hug,

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  • bunni29
    started a topic Cysto--2 years medicine-helo

    Cysto--2 years medicine-helo

    Hi friends:

    I had a cysto done 2 years ago with no choice on the no hydro....

    But, my urologist came to the conclusion that I have IC -mild based on my symptoms....frequent urination and bladder infection and microscopic blood in urine.

    She offered me Elmiron and Elavil, but I said no I wanted to try and heal my body naturally.......

    So it's been 2 years and I feel that I've really gotten better. watching what I eat, I do yoga and I go to a massage therapist.......

    I do still flare on and off....but nothing like it used to has gotten so much better...and I just stopped the birth control pill after 12+ years.........

    My question is:......could I be hurting my bladder not going on medicine?

    I just have heard so many stories of the hydrodistension being very controversial.....some say yes to get it and some say I didn't.....

    I guess in the back of my mind, I"m always that really what I have?

    But, what else could it be????

    Anybody else here just have the cysto -no hydro and gone the natural route?

    I want to have children in the next year or so, so I really don't want to get on any medicine....

    I just had sex though for the first time in 3 months and used Trojan -extra strength....lubricated --no spermicide and I'm in a terribe terrible flare...

    So now I"m back at square one....I felt like I was in remission for over a year and now I have extreme frequency and pressure......

    My husband said he could not feel anything during sex due to the I got on top and he could feel it better, but we did it for a longer time and since I was on top it was going deeper .....

    and now I'm flared bad I used to be 2 years ago.....I feel that my remission is gone...

    I'm so sad and upset about my bladder and SEX.....

    thanks for listening friends