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Hydro Opinions...need some help

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  • Hydro Opinions...need some help

    Hi Donna and hi all,

    I was diagnosed in 2000 and had my first hydro. I'm due back in April and I just want to tell you where I'm at. I have gotten much wore since being diagnosed, but luckily I rarely wake at night. I void a minimum of 15 times a day and a max of 35. 20 is the norm. I have had to increase my pain pills from 2 a day to 5. My quality of life is definitely dwindling even though I'm never suicidal or depressed over this. I have tried DMSO, the Cystitstat clinical trial, The RTX clinical trial, Detrol, Oxytrol Patch, Flomax for retention, catherterizing, and I think it's time for the next hydro. I was fearful with the first one and I wanted the epidural in the spine instead of being knocked out. If someone has had this done instead of anesthesia, can someone describe how this is done and let me know step by step how their experience was? I hate going under anesthesia, but I would like to hear some pros and cons of both methods if at all possible. Do many doctors do the epidural because my first urologist refused to do it and made me go under anesthesia. I would appreciate any input. Thanks so much and sorry this is so long.

    Best wishes to all,