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Hydro with epidural or anesthesia

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    I really lucked out when I had mine done in April. I did not want to do general because it is dangerous and I do always throw up. I defintely did not wish to do a spinal. I asked if Twilight Sleep would work because it worked very well for me when I had breast cancer and had to have the lumpectomies. The anesthesiologist was an excellent one. He told me that he was very sure that he could make me quite confortable with the Twilight sleep and that general was not necessary. He said that if they were doing any real cutting or stuff like that, he would opt for general but that was not the case.

    He was totally right. He said the only thing I may feel is when they stick the tube in my urethra and that would only be the sensation that something went up there...not pain. He was dead on the money. That is the only thing I was aware of and that was only for a second. I felt like I was sleeping but I was in that Twilight Sleep. I was suddenly aware of something put up there but then I was back in lala land without anything. When it was over, I even said thats's already did it? That's how good that Twilight Sleep really is. I felt no pain at all and did not throw up and my recovery was quicker because of it (was able to go home sooner too).

    What was not so good is that the Hydrodistention itself did absolutely nothing for me! I got no remission let alone even a vacation from symptoms. Nothing! I am so dissapointed, I was so hopeful. I don't get why some women get remission and others like myself get no relief at all. This did nothing for me and peeing brought tears to my eyes. I honestly could not pee without clenching up because I felt myself ready to scream from the pian. The thing that saved my life for the next two days was peeing into the little sitsbath we bought. That thing was a lifesaver! It fits around your toilet seat and only costs about $15.00 or so. You fill it with warm water and sit in it, the water starts to rush up your urethra and bathe it gently so that when the pee comes out, it doesn't have the same sting. Also make sure they give you an antibiotic because I know many get a urinary infection from it. Its a small measure to take that could save you a lot of pain as well. I just took a few days of Cipro.
    Medical Conditions:

    Severe IC
    Polycystic Ovarian Disease
    Epstein Barr
    Insulin Resistence
    Breast Cancer survivor
    Monthly Vertigo (near periods)

    Current medications:

    Elavil 50mg
    Neurontin 300mg-600mgs per day
    Librax (lifesaver) as needed
    Percocet (1) 325mg for rescue flares only (usually 2-3 per month)
    Hydroxyzine 25mg's
    Azo Cranberry 3 tablets per day
    Cipro as needed to keep UTI's at bay
    Xanax 1mg at night for sleep
    Levothyroxine 1.75 per day
    Prevacid 30mg's per day
    Zantac 150 mgs per day
    Mucinex 600mg's for Fibro
    Diflucan 150mg's after each period
    Goldenseal to keep UTI's at bay (it works)!
    Prelief as needed