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How much did your bladder hold?

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  • How much did your bladder hold?

    I was also wondering how much your bladder held when you had the Hyrdrodistention done? Mine was 650 cc. He told me I had inflamation and some pinpoint glommerations (sp?) Thanks

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    I'm not sure how much my bladder holds but the last time the uro checked he said i held alot i have rather a large bladder but if i'm flareing it sure don't feel like it then.
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    4. Fentanyl 100 mg Change every 48hrs.
    5. Gentamicin 80mg install after each rescue treatment
    5 Leviquin 500mg self start as needed.
    6. Klonopin 1 or 2 daily as needed.
    7. Prosed/DS as 1 every 6hrs as needed.

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      Normal bladder capacity, while awake is approximately 500 cc (about a pint). Under anesthesia normal bladder capacity is about double that amount. When I have a hydrodistention, my uro is able to distend mine to usually around 650 to 700 cc --- not bad for an IC bladder, but less than a normal bladder. My usual capacity is somewhere around 300 to 350 cc.

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        Thanks, Donna, I had wondered that. Recently I was very full and measured it just for the heck of it and it was 400cc. I was 650cc under anesthesia back in May (without stretching), down from 900cc back 9 yrs. ago when first diagnosed. I also had a 650cc void back in May when they told me not to void before coming in for urodynamics. Since it was a 90 mi. drive first thing in the morning, that's what I got. I could hardly walk though I was in so much pain. I have another question. What is considered normal residual if any? I still have about 100cc residual since the botox in Aug. but I'm wondering if I always had that and didn't know it until I learned to crede out (push on bladder) to complete emptying after the botox.

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          My first hyrdo showed I could hold 900 cc so I guess that is pretty good for IC bladder. I don't have the frequency as much as I do urgency so I'm pretty sure my bladder never keeps much in it anyways. I also think I am still in beginning stages of IC because I did not have pinpoint bleeding either.

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            I've had many hydro's and my capacity has ranged from 450cc's to 1200cc's which is a HUGE amount of pee I do believe that even tho I no longer have the interstim, it did help to increase my bladder capacity......

            It's nice to know what my bladder is capable of holding because when I leave the house and get that feeling that "I gotta go, and I gotta go RIGHT now" I can ignore it and just live with how uncomfortable it is.
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              Wow, those are some good size bladder capacities you've all got!

              With my hydro, mine was somewhere between 150-250 cc's..and I don't know why, but when I first got my interstim I could pee 1 1/2 cups or so, but then I went back to my regular 3 oz. But no urgency or bladder spasms, and no more 40 times a day. Try figuring that one out! lmao

              Anyway, I am really impressed with everyone's capacity! Pee all that you can pee! wink

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                omg you guys are so lucky ...... My bladder held less than 350 cc under sedation with severe pain banghead according to my dr and the written medical record I was given. My blood pressure went very high during the procdure. I have the interstim wink that has made a world of difference with my urgency and cut my frequency nearly in half, but I still am only able to void 2 ounces anything more about kills me toilet . I'd give my eye teeth for a bigger bladder... scream
                Glad you all got one bigger than my tiny useless bladder from hell. cussing
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                  Hey Brat, Believe it or not I was happy to hear
                  I'm not the only one with such a small bladder
                  capacity. I thought I must be the worst one on
                  the board. I've had IC for 11 years and now
                  have to void at least 30 to 50 times in a 24 hr
                  period. However I am truly blessed that I do
                  not have the severe pain that most of the girls
                  have. When I flare (which is often) I do have
                  extreme burning and pain in the whole vaginal
                  and rectal area. My Dr. perscribed Demeral for
                  that. I hate taking strong meds but sometimes
                  it is necessary. Hope you have a pain free day.

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                    Hi there!
                    My urodynamics test showed I can hold 145 cc to 190 cc.I know I can hold more then that on a good day.

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                      At my one and only hydro (for diagnosis)18 years ago, my bladder held only 100cc under general anesthesia. 12 years later, when I was in the hospital after childbirth, I took advantage of that little plastic hat they leave in the toilet and measured my awake bladder capacity, which was 1200cc. So everyone with a small bladder capacity, there is hope to increase it! I increased mine over the years by drinking tons of water several times a day and holding it - always stretching my limits.


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                        My bladder held around 1400cc under anesthesia and awake i usually pee around 500-600cc and if I'm really about to bust I can hold about 800.



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                          GGGGGEEEEZZZZZZ Why do I have such a tiny bladder banghead I never go over 2 ounces which is aprox 150 cc's.... and nothing changed really after my hydro except the urgency.....
                          I WANT A BIGGER BLADDER
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                            I agree with Brat I want a bigger bladder too. 125cc here. LOL


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                              Mine held 1000 under distention which amazed me because it was so inflamed. Now that I feel better on elavil I go as much as I used to (before IC) which is about 4 times a day. I think ICers with Hunner's may have smaller capacities, am i right?