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  • biopsy on hydrodistention

    I am new to the board but i had a question. I was diagnosed with IC & Hunner's ulcer in October of 2002. I have always had the operative notes from my hydrodistention that said Hunner's ulsers were found and that i did have IC, however, just recently while getting all my medical records together, i got ahold of the biopsy report from the hydrodistention. I had a lot of information on it that did pertain to IC (mast cells and inflammatory cells). My concern was when it got to the bottom of the report it read "these features are not diagnostic of interstitial cystitis. How can that be? With the operative report clearly stating that Hunner's ulcers were seen and this is the real funny part...the final pathology report reads "Moderate chronic cystitis with edema and focal hemorrhages" Is that not the exact definition of IC? I know edema is swelling and hemorrhages are bleeding, so it sounds like inflammation and swelling of the bladder with hemorrhages. Just wondered if anyone new if biopsies could determine IC or not. Because i have had so many wrong reports written by my insurance company, i.e. 3 of them stated a uterus was seen on ultrasound 2 years after my hysterectomy and other crazy things. Thanks for any help.


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    If your doctor who did the hydro told you you have IC, that would tell me that the combination of biopsies and visualization of your bladder were adequate for a diagnosis.

    Sometimes those written reports are extremely difficult to understand.

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