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What is the definition of in office cystoscopy?

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  • What is the definition of in office cystoscopy?

    I am wanting to know what in office cystoscopy means? I know i had mine done in the hospital but mine was done under sedation and i wasnt put out completely.

    I have had this unending sense of urgency going on since august.My symptoms are a constant urge to want to urinate varies in strength from day to day.Meaning one day i the urge may not be as stronge as a few days later.My other main symptom is when i do go to the bathroom i feel like i have to strain, and it takes like 30 seconds to get a flow going, and when i get a flow its only like 75ml.I have had numerous post void residuals done at the local ER and they came up with 27ml or less etc.

    I had a urodynamics test done last friday and they filled my bladder up twice and when it was empty the first residual was 20 something and the second was 50 ml.Would 50 ml be a sign of a problem? Also when i was voiding into the recepticle with the catheter in i felt i had to strain to urinate.Im very frightened about what is doing this to me, i am only 29 years old and male.I find day to day living tough, and uncmfortable, sleeping etc. Im looking for answers and some form of relief.Also i had my prostate checked and it seemed fine from what the doctor said.I have had numerous urinalysis tests and only one came back showing a slight infection, after the cystoscopy i had.I am seeing a physciatrist for my anxiety problems and mentioned this bladder thing to him, and said they cant find out what is wrong with me, and my frustration.I tried ditropan and detrol for 4 or 5 days and found no relief, felt like i couldnt pee quite right.When this all began i felt like i couldnt pee quite right either, like is doesnt flow out normally like i have to push.I dont know when i truely have to go to the bathroom, because i have the sense of urgency all the time.It could be there is no urine in my bladder and im pushing?I am deathly scared of them saying well you will have to have a catheter.I am only 29 years old and have not married yet.
    What could these symptoms be?

    sense of urge to urinate seems constant throughout day.Varies in strength.Feels like in the urethra, the urge feeling when you want to pee.

    Straining to urinate and low volume of urine.

    I will get the urodynamics results this friday, my worry is he will say there is nothing wrong and tell me to go away.I sure as hell dont believe this is all in my mind.

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    A cystoscopy that is done in the doctor's office usually lasts less than five minutes. They insert a tube, about the size of a catheter, into the bladder so the bladder lining can be viewed.

    You really need to stop straining. Straining just makes it worse. And be sure to tell your doctor, if you haven't already, that you are straining.

    Sending more healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      would that be done in the urologists practice? I had mine done in the hospital.


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        results were upj obstruction { uretero pelvic obstruction} meaning my right kidneys ureter tube is slightly narrowed making the right kidney function 10% less than my other kidney.He gave me options to correct it via surgery or wait six months and get it scanned again.I opted to wait six months.I had the cystoscopy done in september.I asked him if my urgency would be a symptom of the kidney problem, he said no, you would have flank pain.He said a slight bacterial infection was found probably during either one urinalysis or in the cystoscopy itself.I was given cipro for three days which did not provide relief of my constant urgency.So i was given another 7 day supply, they didnt work.Recently i was given a months supply of cipro, he said perhaps it could be a low grade infection.Well the months supply has not worked.I asked him about ic, and he said it would be rare for me to have it, i asked if the cysto i had checked for it and he said yes.My bladder looked fine to him, i asked him if they did a distention and he said yes, "we filled you up pretty well".

        The thing i am confused on is did i have the correct diagnostic to test for ic.My cysto was done in the hospital and i was given local anesthetic { sedation} which made me groggy.I live day to day with this urgency and it really makes life tough.I dream about getting relief somehow and dont know if it will come.I dont know what is wrong with me and i am constantly in turmoil from this.I find it extremely hard to relax and take my mind off of the problem.I feel i am getting no help.


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          if you have doubts go back to the hospitals records dpt. and ask for all the reccords including any ultrasounds, x-rays, doctors notes, nurses notes, make sure they know you want everything including the pre-op report and you will have your answer. The doctor is required to take extensive notes about all surgeries and procedures done in a hospital and they are kept at the hospital he dosen't even have to know you were checking. If you don't understand the notes take them to another doctor for a second opinion and if you have another doctor request the records they won't charge you.

          good luck I'll keep you in my prayers