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Hydrodistention and Anesthetic

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  • Hydrodistention and Anesthetic

    I was at my Uro's this week and he said that he would like to do a distention without the Anesthetic.
    When I said that it sounded too painful, he said that they filled me up really slow and when I asked them too, they would stop. He also said that he would give me a perqeset and Atavan. Would this help? I'm kinda scared to do this with out knowing what to expect.
    I guess out surgery is very busy lately and he can't get me in to put me right out. Any opinions? Thanx.

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    I had a hydro with no anesthesia. I call it a mini hydro. Keep in mind that I have many of the symptoms of IC but according to the 4 different uro's I've had who all looked in my bladder it looks perfectly healthy, it just doesn't feel healthy. My current uro said he would fill it up and when I started to fel pain he would stop. He got to 700cc and I told him to stop. It wasn't really pain just alot of pressure. Under anesthesia they put in 1400cc so it's like a mini hydro. Good Luck!



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      I have had 35 hydrodistentions and I will state without any hesitation that I would never, ever, have a hydrodistention without anesthesia.

      A plain cystoscopy is not horribly painful. They do fill the bladder with fluid so it can be visualized, but to actually distend the bladder is almost always done with anesthesia.

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        I am in agreement with Donna here. I had an in office cysto and that caused discomfort. I would never ever have a hydro in office with out being knocked out eek that would be extreeeeemly painful.
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          My uro once offered me my cysto/hydro without anthestetic but warned me that it would be very painful if I had IC. (This was for my first hydro/cysto) Anyway, I would seriously think about this before going through with it. Good luck!!!

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            I agree with Donna, I would not want to have it done without anesthesia. I did have other surgeries done at the same time, so naturally I was out for those, but I cannot imagine having it done, and not being out of it. Take care and let us know how you are doing, hugs Iris. hi grouphug
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              I agree with the others. There is no possible way I would have a hyrdo without anesthesia. It is way too painful.
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                I would have the anesthesia also, I am the odd ball here. I felt no pain and am actually still struggling 3 years later to find out what the heck is wrong with me. All these ladies have confirmed IC so I would take their advice. Good Luck on your decision.



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                  I'm a new user to ICN and haven't posted in a while. I was in the UK for 15 months and the appalling lack of health care has seen me scurrying back to Berkeley - I have US citizenship. In the two weeks I've been back, I've seen a urolgist and have an appt. for a distension and cystoscopy WITH anasthetic next Tuesday - Feb 10th.

                  I don't know much about distensions, just that some women seem to fear them from past experience - with or without a general - and some women say they are fine, a bit painful and yet others report being symptom-free after the proceedure.

                  I'm nervous and glad I won't be awake for the work. And hoping that the discomfort afterwards won't be too bad.

                  That's my input. I guess I'll have a whole lot more to share after next Tuesday!

                  Take care. I wish us all well and good health.