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hello, had hydro three weeks ago

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  • hello, had hydro three weeks ago

    hello i felt good my second week after the hydro. but now i'am in pain again. i'am flaired up. i believe it is from stress. i was working part-time and i think i over worked myself. i'am limited on when i can go to the bathroom. and around lots of kids. so stress can be high. anyone have any suggestions on how to cut flairs down? i have had ic for ten years. this was my fourth hydro.

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    If your still working ask your doctor for a note about being able to use the bathroom more often. I know if I have to hold it I flair
    Heating pad as you probably know works and a warm bath if you can.. urised, prydium, usept the anti-spasms pills... thats about all I can suggest. hope you feel better soon.
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      HI need Hle in finding a good Uro in Perth.

      Hi just wondered if anyone living in perth had found a good uro, one that listens and understands IC, We are moving at xmas wirh our two kids. One is 13 And yhe other 10. if anyone can send me any details on docs or other ic patients living in perth i would love to email them. TKS Helenx


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        Have you been checked to be certain you don't have an infection working? And I absolutely agree that you need to have bathroom access as needed.

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          drink lots of fluids (water)....and use the bathroom when needed....holding it in can cause pain, and a flare up.....
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