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Had my 1st Hydro yesterday!

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  • Had my 1st Hydro yesterday!

    Hi All,

    I promised I would update you on how the hydro went. Well, since I just had it yesterday it's probably too early to say if it "worked" for me or not (by the way, does anyone know when you should expect to see results if it does work for you??)

    For now, on the positive side of things, I'm proud of myself for being really brave about the whole procedure (I'm usually such a baby when it comes to procedures!). I was in more pain than I thought when the anesthetic wore off -- pain right where my bladder is, it felt warm & burning and just downright painful, I also had a lot of pain in my back where they put the spinal & still have it this morning (anyone else have this pain? Is back pain to be expected?).

    However, all this is bearable (though I wouldn't want to have to go work like this or really move around) and the pain meds are really helping (Empracet & pyridium) -- I slept like a baby last night, & didn't get up once! (maybe I should take these meds all the time!).

    I'm grateful that I'm not running to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes b/c when I have to go, the first moment when I begin to urinate my bladder feels all bruised & achy (not something I've ever felt before). I'm almost positive this is just my bladder being sore from being stre-e-e-etched and this will go away. I peed a lot of bleed when I first urinated, but this has almost completely cleared away. I'm also lucky that I'm not going that frequently -- I arrived home at around 1 pm yesterday & I'm estimating that I went only about every 2 hours or so, so not bad at all! All in all, I'd have to say that it wasn't too bad. :p

    I'll write again when things settle down to let you know how things are...also, if anyone is planning a hydro with spinal, and is scared, feel free to PM me, I can at least share my story with you.

    One question which I could use your advice on :
    Is it too pushy to call my doctor to get my results today or should I wait until the scheduled follow up in 4 weeks? I don't have any info about how my bladder looked, what my capacity is, etc (though he did take a biosposy so I guess this will take at least a few days to analyze). I think he shouted out a few things yesterday WHILE doing the procedure but I was so spaced out (they gave me valium bunny to catch what the said). What do you guys think?

    Well, I hope you're all doing well, the results of the BCG trial are due in March, so anyday now (fingers crossed)
    Best wishes,

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    Glad to hear it went well for u ! I would call and ask,but they will most likey say he needs to see u in person.And not over the phone.All the best and get lots of rest!Luv Sandra hi


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      I think I would call and ask. Four weeks is a long time to wait to learn results. Also, if you have continued pain from the spinal, call your doctor; there is a fairly simple procedure that will fix that. I have had over 30 spinals and only once did I have any problem and that was leg pain for about two or three days.

      I'm glad the procedure went smoothly for you.

      Sending warm encouraging hugs,
      Stay safe

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