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cysto and hydro & laparoscopy done 3-4-04

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  • ICNDonna
    I would wait until after seeing the gynecologist before making a decision about changing uros. It may very well be that your gyn and uro have discussed treatment options. If you feel the need to see the uro after that appointment, you can call that office for an appointment.

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  • kelly McC
    started a topic cysto and hydro & laparoscopy done 3-4-04

    cysto and hydro & laparoscopy done 3-4-04

    I am almost positive I can answer the question I am about to ask ? But here it goes because I am a little overwhelmed and quit a bit confused .Everyone around me keeps asking me when I have a appointment with my urologist ? My response is I dont. My urologist left following my cysto/hydro procedure allowing my obgyn to do a laparoscopy. She was the doctor who informed my family of all the findings and scheduled a follow up appointment for me next thusrday. She prescribed my medications.The following morning I called my urologist office to see if I needed to follow up and they said NO. Somehow this does not make any sense to me .So I am wondering if this is normal or should I seek another urologist. All the information I have learned about IC has been from this message board what a wonderful place. I just thought my urologist should have explained some of this to me and work with me. Not sure why its being left to my obgyn but I am grateful someone is looking out for me .She has been helpful and honest with me letting me know shes not qualified to help with bladder problems. My follow up with her is to get the results of her findings. I am wondering if it's neccessary to see a urologist now that I have been diagnosed ?
    I am guessing someone needs to keep updated with the medicines and how they are working for me ?
    Just to let you know my belly is still bloated and very unfortable.