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Pain From Urethral Dilation?

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  • Pain From Urethral Dilation?

    I had my cysto/hydro/biopsy done 7 weeks ago, and am still feeling worse ever since having it. It seems that my urethra feels swollen and irritated as well, and I know that they dilated my urethra from looking at my operative report. They dilated it only because they couldn't get the first cystoscope in, which was 22 French (I don't know anything about this, I am just going by what it says on the report). It was dilated to 26 French. Has anyone had the urethral dilation and gotten WORSE after it, and if so, how long does it take for it to go back to what it was before you had the procedure done? Thank you.

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    Ouch!! I don't know much about your procedure, just sorry that you are having so much trouble post-procedure. Hope you are feeling better soon!


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      Thank you...yes, it was my biopsy/cystoscopy/hydrodistention that I was getting to see if I had IC. They only had to do the URETHRAL DILATION because the cystoscope couldn't fit in properly. Thank you.


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        When I had dilations done, they were done gradually in the doctor's office over several weeks. I would think you should be feeling better by now. Have you called your doctor? If not, I suggest you do so.

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          I go to see him Tuesday. I'm just afraid he's going to say that the cysto/hydro/biopsy didn't cause this, but I've never had it before.


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            Re: Pain From Urethral Dilation?

            Hi Donna!

            *I tried messaging you & apparently I'm not doing it right & it wouldn't go through. The following is what I was trying to send to you. Feel free to respond on this thread or in a private message, whichever works for me. Thanks!*

            I found an old forum from Feb 2007 where you said you had urethra dilations in the Dr office. I assume it was urethra pain? Since it was quite a while ago, I wanted to see how well it worked for you & if you have noticed any long term side effects or problems resulting from it?

            I've had IC since like 2007 & have been having urethra pain for maybe 3 years now. It comes & goes after awhile. Uribel helped a lot, but not so much anymore & it's really affecting my relationship with my boyfriend. My Dr suggested the urethra dilations when I saw him 6 weeks ago, but I wanted to look into first. Also I'm not fond of that Dr & office, that was the first visit to them & I have an appointment at a different office this coming Wednesday with hopefully a better organized & cleaner office.

            Sorry if this is all TMI! I haven't been really active on the forums, but I use them for information & most people here seem open to discussing the personal details of this disorder. But if this is all TMI then I apologize!

            If you don't mind telling me a bit about your experience with the urethral dilations I would greatly appreciate it! I'm only 33yrs old & am cautious about trying it. I'm afraid that there may be long term effects from it. After doing the dilations for many years does your urethra eventually lose some or all feeling in it? After so many dilations & gradually dilating the urethra larger & larger does the urethra eventually not close back to it's normal size & permanently or even temporarily have the opening stay larger in size? If either of these is a long term effect I feel they may cause more issues then in the long run. I'm afraid if the urethra loses some of it's feeling maybe that will make me more likely to have pee accidents - like not being able to hold your pee in until you get to a bathroom because you can't feel it there. Leaking issues I guess. Same concern if the urethra eventually gets permanently stretched out & the opening is larger than it originally was - maybe I would have more leaking or accidents then.

            I've tried searching the internet to get answers to this, but I'm not finding much information regarding urethral dilations. I don't even know if you check this account anymore, but if you ever get this message it would be great to talk with someone who has had the dilations & see what type of results & side effects you got from it.

            Thanks for any help you can give, Donna! I really appreciate it!