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Cystoscopy with MVP...antibiotics??

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  • Cystoscopy with MVP...antibiotics??

    I have mitral valve prolapse (MVP) and I have an appointment
    with urologist tomorrow.
    I'm pretty sure he will be recommending a cystoscopy to
    investigate the small amount of blood that has been
    showing up in my urine.

    My question is this:
    Is it standard practice to prescribe prophylactic antibiotics
    to be taken before the procedure if you have MVP?
    I read that on on website, but haven't found too much
    information about it.
    I'll find out when I'm there of course, I'm just hoping
    to find out ahead of time and know what to expect.


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    I have a heart valve replaced, and even before my surgery when I had an in-office cysto they didn't give me antibotics. But of course, when I had to go in for the hydro-cysto they did. Anytime you have a procedure (medical or dental) you need to tell your doctor.


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      I did find out yesterday that I will take antiobiotics.
      I will have a cystoscopy and IVP, I think it's called.