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Being diagnosed with just a cystoscopy??

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  • Being diagnosed with just a cystoscopy??

    My IC was diagnosed just by cystsocopy. I was sedated during the cystoscopy though as I had one once awake and it was just to painful, so I insisted on being sedated.
    Since my IC was found during a regular cystoscopy, does this mean I likely have a severe case? I know that alot of people here say they have to do the hydro to even see the IC, but in my case it was able to be seen with just a plain cystoscopy.
    Maybe the urogyne at the time was able to fill my bladder with a little more water during the cystoscopy( as they do put some water in during regular cystoscopies I believe anyways), and maybe he got a better look, I dont know. I just know he said I had IC after doing just a cystoscopy. I dont even want to imagine what could have happened if I had done a hydro, what my poor baldder would have looked like after that if I had done it.
    Has anyone else been diganosed with IC through a regular cystoscopy?
    He even took pictures, and I have them. It looks like my bladder is full of veins and is very inflammed in some areas. Is this what the IC bladder looks like? What does the normal baldder look like?

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    You are right in saying they put water into the bladder during a cystoscopy. The bladder is kind of like a balloon --- when it's empty it collapses --- so they do almost always use water so the bladder lining can be seen. Did they do any biopsies? Usually it's the pinpoint bleeding, plus the biopsy results that positively diagnose IC. The fact that your doctor could see signs of IC during a cysto doesn't mean your IC is severe --- if you have severe IC, your pain levels would be, on a scale of one to ten, in the upper numbers without treatment. You can find some pictures of IC bladders in the Patient Handbook. My bladder appeared to be healthy and normal during my office cysto, but I was diagnosed with severe IC with ulcers, during a hydrodistention.

    I'll see if I can find a picture of a healthy bladder and post it.

    Stay safe

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      Hi Donna.
      Thanks for the reply. That would be good to see what a healthy bladder looks like compared to an IC bladder.
      My pain levels are pretty severe alot of the times. I did get some relief from the instills, but had the reaction of urinary retention from them. I would be willing to continue them if my doctor would only work with me, but she wont. It is like she runs her office like a factory and that everyone is treated the same with the same exact meds. That is just not right. I am going to see a new urogyne today. I pray he is better than she is and maybe willing to work with me on this.
      I asked the urogyne if he thought my bladder was just mildly inflammed and he said, no that it was extrememly inflammed. I am not sure what that means, but he told my hubby that what he saw on cystoscopy was typical of IC.
      I just want some relief from all this pain. It is awful. Thanks Donna for the info. I have not yet found any pictures of healthy bladders though. It would be interesteing to see one just to compare. Thanks.