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  • General Anesthesia question

    Does being under general anesthesia mean they put breathing tube in ur mouth? Can anyone explain what happens? I have never been under before...

    Doing cysto/hydro tommorow mornng and nervous as hell.

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    They have different methods. You should really ask your anesthesiologist about that. Alot of times they will call you the night before the surgery. If not, you can certainly ask in the morning. I haven't had the cysto/hydro, but have had several surgeries. I know for my hysterectomy, they used a breathing tube, but when I had my wisdom teeth out, they just used something in my IV. Good Luck tomorrow!
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      i just had my 1st hydro/cysto done may 11th. as far as i know they only put the nose oxygine on me. my throat was sore for about 2days, but i just drank some hot blueberry tea and it helped alot. i was so scared to.i was crying to the nurse who took my but i was fine.they considered it more like twight light, so thats was they said no tube down my throat. i only remember feeling drunk & i was out. woke up in recovery. i was out of it for 4-5 days(tired & spacey)hope this helped some.i would q's your anesthesia doc. so you know for sure. he'll come in & go over everything b4 you go back to have the procedure done. take care & hope you get relief!


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        When I have had hydros they have used the 'nose cover' and iv. I did not have tubes in my throat thank goodness. Good Luck! My next hydro is next Wednesday.
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          This is for JDOOKIE...

          What kind of blueberry tea have you drank? I just bought some yesterday and then noticed it had rosehips in it. I am sort of scared to try it now...
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            I also just have oxygen (nose cover) and some really good meds in iv, I have another scheduled for next Thursday. When I wake up in recovery, the pain is pretty intense, but then the anthes. nurse gives me something in iv and again, I feel no pain, they will usually do this twice and then they want you up and go to the bathroom, get ready, I will not lie, it hurts, but my uro is great and is sure I have pyridium, pain meds before I go home. Where I go they have their own surgery center, and I get the same Dr. Carl (anesteologist sp.) every time. He is so great and makes sure I am comfortable, last time my dr. was running an hour late and he sat back with me and shot the bull for awhile, brought me magazines. I sure do wish he was a pain specialist in private practice. I do admit, have a little crush on this guy that gives me meds that actually make me not feel my bladder for awhile. Good Luck...


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              If you have a full general anesthetic, it is usual procedure to put a tube in to keep you from choking on your tongue. Other than a mild sore throat in some, you won't realize you have been intubated.

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                I have always had the tube down my throat when I have had general anesthesia. You will be under before they put it in, and it will be long gone before you wake up. You should have enough pain medication from your IV so you don't even notice your throat. If you can feel it and it's sore, ask for some ice chips. I didn't even think about the tube from my last hydro until you mentioned it. Hopefully it will be as easy for you.
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                  For both hydros/cystos at the hospital, yes, both times a breathing tube was inserted in my throat. But, don't worry about it, it will be done after you are under. You won't feel anything prior. The first time, I only had a mild sore throat and the second time, I didn't feel anything afterwards.

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                    I know for sure I didn't have a breathing tube when I had my cysto/hydro. They are only used for big surgeries like if someone's airway is or will be compromised or if you're knocked out for long periods. I can't imagine why anyone would be intubated for a cysto/hydro. ? ? ? ? My hubby is about to start nurse anesthesia school and knows a lot about it. I'll ask him when he gets home. The point of a breathing tube is so the medical staff can breathe FOR YOU-----I don't know why you can't breath on your own during a cysto/hydro...........I'm really perplexed as to why some people have had breathing tubes and some have not. Any nurses or doctors out there know why???
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                      I have a question about General Anesthesia. I just got all my wisdom teeth extracted. And, they injected something into my IV to put me to sleep and told me, I'll feel a warm senstation in my arm, but I didn't. Instead, a couple seconds later, I felt stabbing pin feeling in my urethera. Is this normal??? I was going to ask them to stop, but I think it started fading away or I might have started dozing off.

                      When, I woke up, I didn't feel that same feeling in my bladder. But, I'm suffering today, as per "normal".



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                        I have had multiple hydros and have been intubated each time. They can do endotracheal intubation or LMA (laryngeal mask airway) with general anesthesia. The LMA is very common with short procedures.

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                          I always request "twilight sedation" because I am fearful of anesthesia making me sick. Some drs are hesitant to do this. There are so many different kinds of anesthesia and the dr usually decides what would be best for you based on the type of surgery you are having and your medical history. My last anesthesiologist was not very friendly. I told him I was afraid to go all the way under and that I wanted twilight. He told me he had an "idea for me" but never did tell me what he did. I didn't like him at all however I felt so good when I woke up that I told him he was the best. Stupid drugs! I have records from my miscarriage in 2006 and it lists exactly what type of drugs they used in my anesthesia. I had no nausea or pain when I woke up and I am going to take a copy of those records to any future procedures to show the anesthesiologist.
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                            I don't know for sure if I've been intubated when under full anesthesia, but I do remember that my throat was sore. As ICDonna said, the tube keeps you airway open, even if you don't need mechanical help breathing. If a breathing problem does develop, they can respond to it much faster.


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                              If you wonder about anesthesiology you can have a phone consultation with the anesthesiologist before the date of your procedure. I do this every time I will have a general because I have airway issues and must be intubated while I am awake. Even if I didn't have breathing problems, I'm the kind of person who needs to know what will happen so that I can relax. You have a right to this information. If you do not know how to reach the anesthesiologist your doctor should be able to direct you. Best of luck.