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Hydrodistention- Neg or Postitive Results

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  • Hydro

    Ill never have a cysto/hydro done again 21 days later im still having bad symptoms. Pain and going to the bathroom every 15 minutes or more. Doc put me on antis for it friday cause i thought it had caused a bladder infection cause i was in so much pain and worse urgency and my urine sample was not a clean catch wen taken on last tuesday. 3 days of keflex and if im still in alot of pain go in thursday and nurse will cath my urine to test it again. Now im thinking maybe this is just a really bad flare. I get into ic flares much easier now too. Before the Hydro i could sometimes go a full hour. Never again!! My records from my previous doc showed i had ic i wish my currrent specialist would have believed those and at least not done the hydro. He is convinced now that i have bad ic.
    IC ulcerative proctitus lower back pain uterine fibroid allergies

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    • So very painful

      I guess it was positive in the fact that I was diagnosed with severe IC and Hunner's. For so long I thought I was just crazy....To find out my entire bladder was covered in granulations, and razor blade like cuts. But so very bad in the fact that my doctor did it with out any medication, or sedation was horrible. I didn't know until later that most doctors give something. I was in so much pain for weeks after...I can't wait until there is some kind of other test so others don't have to experience the same pain.
      Medical History: Endometriosis, Epstein Barr, Confirmed Severe IC with Hunner's
      Current Medications: Premarin, Gabapentin, Soma, Ambien, Hydrocodone, Antihistamines, Prestiq
      Past Treatments:Cocktail Installations
      Looking into: Vitamin D, Vistril and DSMO

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      • I had the best result from it. Have had it 4 times. I now have a different procedure with it. My urologist laser's off all the sores in my bladder and LOVED the result with that....7 months pain free and waking up once during the night.