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cystoscopy and pictures

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  • cystoscopy and pictures

    My main question I was wondering about is if the urologist usually takes pictures with a cystoscopy?

    My urologist specializes in pelvic floor problems & incontinence with IC patients. So that was one of the main things she was looking for with me. They ran tests months ago, after I urinated to see if I wasn't withholding urine. I'm young and have never had children so that wasn't a problem. She set me up with PT classes.
    Finally later my day came for the first cystoscopy (which I had requested for her to do), and they numbed me, then looked at the bladder for about 20 seconds. She didn't take pictures and told me everything looked normal like she suspected. I was in a lot of pain afterwards so didn't stick around to ask her many questions. She told me to take more PT classes and that I need to stick with the PT workouts and IC diet. I rushed out, took some darpaz and plus hydoxyzine hcl, which helped me recover 3 days later back to normal IC again.
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    2&1/2 yrs now from taking Diflucan2x.
    hydroxyzine hcl mostly during pms
    heating pad
    trying to stay on allergy diet & botanical food diet

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    Hello I see this is your first post Welcome to the board.
    I've not heard of photos being taken during an in office cysto. But maybe someone else knows for sure.
    They do take them during the cysto/hydro under anesthesia.


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      pictures of bladder

      Yes I have seen the pictures of my bladder it looked like it had cuts all over it.

      I need To ask a question that I know is a little gross has anyone noticed that if you are not constapated and bowels are loose that the ic is not as bad? and if this is true for you what would be the reason for this?

      Am I posting this correctly or do I go to a different wat to post this?
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        to the IC Network.

        To answer your question, pictures are not usually taken during an office cysto --- and sometimes not during a hydrodistention. My bladder also looked normal and healthy when a cysto was done in my urologist's office. It was not until it was distended (stretched) during a hydrodistention that the interstitial cystitis was apparent.

        Linda May: If the muscles in the pelvic area are uncomfortable due to constipation, the feeling can be in the entire pelvis, which would also effect the muscles controlling the bladder.

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          A week ago today I had a cysto/hydro under general and my doctor did take photos of my bladder before and after the hydro. She gave me a copy of the photos for my own medical records.

          Before the hydro, my bladder looked normal. But afterward, it was clear that I had IC because there are little red cuts all over in a few sections of my bladder.

          25 year-old female, learning as much as she can about IC!

          *Symptoms began late October 2010

          *Cystoscopy with hydrodistention confirmed IC in December 2010

          *Primary IC symptoms include urgency and frequency, occasional pain and slight nocturia

          Treatments thus far:
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          -valium as needed
          -pyridium as needed
          -ibuprofen as needed
          -unisom + pain killer for sleep as needed
          -heating pad
          -IC diet
          -at least 2 litres of water per day
          -yoga, walking