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diagnosis after cystoscopy

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  • ICNDonna
    It does sound like IC is a possibility. I know it's difficult, but I hope your doctor will get back to you soon.


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  • ninatorres
    started a topic diagnosis after cystoscopy

    diagnosis after cystoscopy

    Hi..After cystoscopy my doctor didn't give me a certain diagnosis..he said that the problem is multifaceted..sorry if i'm using the wrong words, i'm not from an english speaking country..anyway, firstly he told me that the procedure was surprisingly painful for me, that he hasn't seen anyone else in that much pain during cystoscopy before..that my bladder is really sensitive.. and then he told me that my bladder's mucosa/mucous membrane has enlargened/thickened..that there are some changes there..and he also mentioned that during urodynamics it was possible to fill the bladder with 100 millilitres of water, but during the cystoscopy 400 ml of water..and though i don't usually have problems with leakage, during both procedures it was tested..i had to cough and all the water came when the bladder is really full, there must be problems with some leakage as well..he promised to discuss this with other doctors and get back to me..but meanwhile..any thoughts about what should i think of this? is this IC or..I'm kinda confused..sorry if you didn't understand, my english is not that good when it comes to medical terms and those internet dictionaries aren't the best i guess ..anyway, any thoughts?