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Is there an anethesist in the house?

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  • Is there an anethesist in the house?

    Hello to you all
    Something very strange has happenned to me on two out of six General anesthetics I've had the pleasure of in three years.

    Yesterday 02 march 2011 I had cystoscopy under G.A.

    Chatting away as you do in that little room prior to theatre all staff members are aware of my phobia of oxygen masks ...any mask...a childhood experience at dentist!! some will remember!!
    And then suddenly for the second time as the needle with anesthetic went into my hand, my vagina almost went up in flames, the burning OMG I sceamed lifed bottie up from bed, it hurts I said loudly, it is burning so ......I was out
    those few seconds felt longer, that has been the second time and the staff couldn't explain the reason ..why that happened.
    they said they had never heard of that happening before with any one.
    I said it must have been put in my notes as it happenned once before and noone could give an answer then
    Does any one know why??? has anyone had this happen to you? this is such a mystery. I have another G. A coming up soon I certainly don't want that pain again ...they will/might put on my notes now but still I'm looking for explaination, help needed.
    Last edited by madi; 03-03-2011, 02:18 AM. Reason: it read as if I had injection in vagina.. it was in the hand

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    I haven't heard of that happening to anyone else. Are they giving you relaxing medications before going to surgery? If not, I suggest you ask for some. It really helps.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Thanks Donna
      It's a big mystery and torture for the few seconds before I went out. thanks for reply


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        Wow, that's strange. I have no idea. Sometimes those meds can just do crazy things like the awareness few people have even though they're supposed to be out..

        I have a question though that's unrelated, was it just a scope or a hydro as well? How are you feeling now?
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        • Had first horrible flare in 07, bad doctors, had to research IC myself to clue in onto what it was. After following the diet I went into remission.
        • Big flare in 09 due to an untreated bladder infection. Went back into remission in 2012.
        • Symptoms returned 4/1/15. All of my remissions have ended in April-May or September-October. It sounds like a connection to seasonal allergies to me..

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          Hello nekura
          Thank you for your reply is indeed a mystery this little ordeal I have been through twice now... I call it little because of the time most would know the anesthetic tha'ts injected into back of hand reaslly only takes seconds before one is out for the count so to speak..and it's during those seconds about ten/twelve seconds and you can try that out now ..count on your fingers the seconds I just did and it really seems a long time to be in that agony, it isn't there when I come round and no medical staff has thrown light on it so was hoping someone somewhere knew why....Thank you for asking how I am, bless you. I am none the worse for the procedure and of course no better either as it was diagnostic procedure which most people have while awake I am not sure what is meant by hydro although I've cleverly worked that out as something to do with water , always ready to learn though, Oh I suppose I should have mentioned the purpose of this procedure....So much goes on it's difficult to keep up but this was a bit of a surprise for me also.
          I was called into see a specialist an d didn't have any idea who had booked him for me...I was chatting through all the items written on my list as he was a urogynie and telling him about the lump at the top of the inside of the vagina that drops with gravity when he put his hand up to stop me talking and said he wasn't there for any of that! but was called in to find out why urine tests kept showing blood, he would not discuss anything else at all. So the answer to your question was the scope with camera and haven't had any results yet apart from what he couldn't find.
          Hope you ok
          love from Madi