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Questions - Pain after Hydrodistention

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    Good for you! Your boss has no right to treat you that way! People can be such insensitive jerks sometimes!
    I am glad the PT helped you a little. I mean every little bit counts, that is for sure.

    Try the elavil, it may help you. I am praying it will help you!! I know how frustrating it is with this awful disease. I think the diet thing is good. I think if you just try and eat blander things it is ok. Like mashed potates or even baked. Fish is ok, if you like fish that is. I try and eat things that are easy to digest and have no spices. For drinking, if you like chammomile tea, this is a good safe tea ( no caffiene in it). It tastes good too. I mean one thing I have learned is that everyone reacts different to foods. I kind of follow my own diet since I know there are things on the IC diet that I cannot eat and some things I do ok with.

    It is trial and error. But one thing is for sure, like I cannot drink coffee or soda at all ( never really drank soda, so that I could care less about, but I so miss my morning coffee . Oh well, the pain is not worth it. The chammomile tea is good. I would go slowly. Like every couple days add something different and see how you do. I also found eating smaller meals but more often kind of helps. I dont do well if eat a whole bunch at once. ( I also got tummy issues so this also helps that too).

    It takes time to get adjusted with the diet and stuff, but it will get easier. I hope that the PT and the elavil help you, then it will get easier as well. It is hard to even think when you are in pain. I think getting the pain under control is the most important, as well as the frequency.

    Hang in there, you will get through this....

    Originally posted by CINDY GOWING View Post
    Oh he will be sorry for talking that way to me. I reported him to hr, whom I don't trust either, but I copied her boss as well. I phones are great for recording!! Worth every penny I paid for it. FMLA is a federal law. My company is notorious for firing people after they get back from std. I know have some amo against them. They take your work over and look for every thing you did wrong. He has known for months I had bladder issues. I have seen many people be written up or put on warning after being on std. But I am prepared for it. It makes me angry because I hurt so bad and am very upset most of the days and am so stressed out trying to get std approved and going to dr after dr. It just not seem to end. I even broke the handle on my toilet today. It is under warranty so I get a new toilet. How ironic is that?? Today was better I had some pelvic floor therapy and she gave me these patches to put over my bladder called PURERELIEF BY cieaura and I actually peed less than 20 times today. Well see I hate to get excited because with this illness, its day to day. But it has helped. But I also am trying to eat just rice and chicken and raw veggies. It's hard to know what is really working. I take the Elavil tonight and pray it does not flare me out.


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      Re: Questions - Pain after Hydrodistention

      I know the thread is old but really needed the help, I had a hydrodistention 4 days ago, this is my 4th over 2 years, but I had blood clots on voiding but now there is blood but its microscopic, I
      use a kit to test for it, in my hydro the urologist said I had cystitis cystica as well which was not there before it was just IC, there is still this cystitis cystica can anyone please help me understand how I got to this cystica, my dr just smiles and don't worry it will be alrite, has anyone with ic ever had this, please reply I am alone here and there is scant knowledge on Ic