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Did Hydro help with pain?

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  • Did Hydro help with pain?

    My main sx is pain. I've tried just about everything out there except for hydro and botox. I am considering hydro. My question is did it help with pain or just frequency. I only have pain.



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    Hi Suzanne,

    I had a hydro a while back and it didn't help my pain. I spoke with my Dr about botox and he didn't seem to feel that it would help me. My main symptom is pain also. I am trying gabapentin since I have never tried it before and I am hoping that I get results. I am convinced that my pain is mainly nerve pain. I don't feel that I have any food sensitivities.

    That is my personal experience. I know that others, like Donna gets great results from hydro's, I am not sure what her main symptoms are though.

    I wish you the best, I know how you feel. It seems like there aren't many options for those of us with pain as our main problem.

    Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

    American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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      I have had 6 hydros over the 7 years. I have to be honest the first 3 did such a great job on the pain, it really didn't help me with my frequency. I had the first 3 and they helped for about 6 months each. It was not exactly normal but it wasn't painful that needed pain meds to help with it.
      I really wish that I could say that for the other 3, but they really didnt' help all that much. I have been told by people on the forum that each hydro is different for each person, and I have to believe that it is true. There are women that have had up to 36 hydros over 40 years or something like that....
      Started Vaginal Valium Suppositories April 2014
      Hysterectomy April 2003 (for abdominal pain),Diagnosed with IC August 2003
      Diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Disorder 2004,Had right ovary and fallopan tube removed 2005
      Diagnosed with diverticulosis 2006,Interstim December 2006,Home Instillations 2007-not effective
      Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia November 2007,Appendectomy February 2008,
      Interstim repair December 2008,Removal of the Interstim August 2011,
      6 Hydrodistentions from 2003-2009 Diagnosed with restless leg syndrome March 2014
      Diagnosed with Raynaud's Syndrome November 2013
      Ambien 5mg for sleep.
      Elivil 50 mg at bed
      Lisinopril 20mg in AM
      Effexor 225 mg
      Oxycodone 10 mgs 2 x a day for pain
      Baclofen 20mg 3x a day
      Phenazopyridine 200 mg as needed
      Omeprazole 20 mg at night
      Lyrica 450 mg daily
      Requip .50 mg at night
      Ketorolac 10 mg as needed for migraines


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        Hi. I have had many over the handful of years. The help with my pain (along with Neurontin). I too don't feel like I have a lot of food sensitivities, there are some foods that I have to watch for (mainly my brother-in--laws cooking--very spicy) its a long way home when I try to eat his food for supper) ok getting off the point here! But the hydros seem to help for about 6-8 months. Just had one recently, and after about 2 weeks I feel great.