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It's me again burning lower mid to right side of pelvis

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  • It's me again burning lower mid to right side of pelvis

    Ok I am back! I decided to start a new thread but this kinda continues from the previous one. Yesterday and today during the day I felt WAY better I kept a positive outlook and ignored any random pains during work. Shortly after I got home today I started back going to the bathroom 6 times an hour and I have the strangest constant burning ache along my LOWER mid to right pelvic area. It is not worse when I cough and it is not severe it feel like someone has a match and it is just on fire and my frequency is back full force. I can not miss anymore work before my wedding in 11 days;( hopefully someone can relate and this is normal please help the diuladid does nothing for my pain!
    Thank you in advance

    Confirmed IC in December 2004
    InterStem placement November 2007
    InterStem removed and replaced May 2011
    Fibromyalgia confirmed 2005
    PFD 2005
    Endemetriosis confirmed 2005

    Positive outlook confirmed 2007 immediately after my InterStem placement. I realized that the one day of "peace" that I prayed for EVERY day and night had been granted. If I can keep that moment of pure bliss stored in my memory I can get through anything!

    I know that I can fight this terrible situation I am in! I have to..... I have a 7 year old daughter who needs me and a soon to be husband that need me to be strong and optimistic. First and foremost I have to live my life the best way possible for myself. Things could always be worse. I have to remind myself that often but it is true!

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    Have you been checked to be sure you don't have an infection working?

    Stay safe

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