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One week out from hydro (cocktail given at end) and biopsies

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  • One week out from hydro (cocktail given at end) and biopsies

    Today I am one week out from a hydro for theraputic purposes. Not in pain and the urgency and frequency is MUCH better as it always is after a hydro. However, i am still pretty tender and an odd kind of sore. Even some lower back discomfort. Anyone else had experience with this? I'm wondering does the tenderness/soreness go away or is it just something I will need to learn to deal with. Also, I'm still tired from anastesia? Someone told me that can take a few weeks to feel 100% after being put to sleep. I'm fairly new at this (diagnosed 1 year ago) so any input is appreciated.

    Oh yeah, my first hydro left me symptom free for about 8 months but I don't remember this tender/sore feeling.

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    For me the tenderness goes away fairly quickly --- within a couple of weeks. The good thing is that I feel better within the first day after a hydro. I was diagnosed in 1975 and hydrodistention has been a major treatment for me since then. I have had the procedure over forty times. My last one was in October of 2009 and I have an appointment with my uro on May 13, at which time we'll very likely schedule another.

    I don't do well with general anesthesia as a rule so I usually have a spinal. A general causes nausea for me.

    I hope you recover quickly.

    Warm healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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