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    Hoping someone can help! I am looking for a good doctor that knows IC in the Colorado area! I checked on this site for one under Professionals but when I click on Colorado only one doctor comes up and the rest are Physical Therapist I would hope there would be more doctors in Colorado that treat IC but where are they?

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    Hi Renate! Maybe someone will be able to answer here. I hope so. Just a suggestion but you also might want to try cross posting in the section at the bottom of the home page of this site where there are sections for each state. Might have a better chance of getting a reply from someone who actually lives in your area.
    Diagnosed with IC in April 2011. Medications and IC treatments did not help, diagnosed with PFD in September of 2013. Still searching for answers as to why I have never-ending frequency/urgency issues.

    Current medications/treatments:
    Pelvic physical therapy, valium suppositories, b and o suppositories, acupuncture, probiotics, magnesium, epsom salt baths

    Previous medications/treatments:
    Elmiron, Hydroxizine, Elavil, VESIcare, Series of rescue instillations using Elmiron, water, lidocaine, & sodium bicarb and self-cathing with instills as needed, D-mannose, Glucosamine, Hyophen (generic Prosed), Colostrum, IC diet, PTNS, chiropractic treatments, Desert Harvest Aloe Vera, CystoProtek