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    Well I finally got a doc who is actually going to look at my bladder! I have never had a cysto. They didn't tell me to have anyone bring me home or anything like that. What should I expect for after this happens. I understand there will be some pain and bleeding. I have vicodin from my kidney issues so hopefully that will help. Do you think I will be able to go to work ok the next day. I am teaching summer school so it is just half days.

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    I had a cystoscopy last week and my doctor said it takes about two days to recover. I initially felt great (with pain meds) the morning after the surgery, so I went shopping with my mom, but by that afternoon I was feeling pretty miserable. I'm sure everyone reacts differently to the procedure, but it's probably best to give yourself one day to rest before you return to work.


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      If its in-office then you certainly can go by yourself. However if its in a hospital/outpatient setting then you're going to have to bring someone with you since you wont be able to drive due to anesthesia.
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        If you can manage to relax, the office cysto isn't bad. If you've ever been catheterized, it's comparable to that. After I had my first one, I went back to work and finished out my day then drove home. I was a little painful, but not horrible.

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          I've had three in office procedures, they numbed up my bladder so it was ok.