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  • Question on findings of Cysto

    Hi all,
    I had a cystoscopy about a year ago and I am now looking back at the results. I have been increasingly concerned because I have chronic Lyme disease and need to be on antibiotics for at least another three to four months. The antibiotics DEFINITELY cause my bladder discomfort and I believe them to possibly even be the cause of my IC.

    After months of stopping the antibiotics my bladder discomfort and pain went into remission once. But the thing is I need to get my Lyme undercontrol. Both problems, IC and Lyme, are problems for me but I'm choosing a possibly hurt bladder for a fully functioning brain.

    The findings found that at 15 cm of water pressure my bladder capacity was 400 mL (which he says is abnormally low). Then upon distention to 900 mL there were post distention glomerulations. No hunner's ulcers and the bladder surface was smooth. The trigone revealed both ureteral orifices effluxed clear urine.

    My questions are 1) Does this mean my bladder has shrunk? 2) Can bladder hydrodistention and the soothing of the bladder wall possibly correct this problem? and 3) If my IC is being caused by the antibiotics what can I possibly due to neglect the negative effects of them?

    Thanks in advance for your helpful posts!

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    I agree that the 400 ml is low. When I had my first hydro, my capacity was 300; the last hydro I had, my uro was able to distend my bladder to 600, which is about 400 cc less than a normal bladder.

    I've never had lyme disease so I can't really answer your antibiotic question. I've never been on antibiotics for a lengthy period.

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