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Hydro on monday :)

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  • ICNDonna
    I'm so glad for you. A word of caution --- give yourself some time to recover. Doing too much right now would not be good.

    Sending gentle hugs,

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  • ginaaa22
    started a topic Hydro on monday :)

    Hydro on monday :)

    Just an update. I had my second cysto with hydro on monday and its now wednesday and I feel like a new person! After my first hydro my bladder really hurt and I flared bad for 2 weeks and slowly got better but this time I feel AMAZING. No more pain. I'm not peeing at all at night anymore. Last ngiht I slept for 11 hours without getting up!!!! I hope this lasts. After my first hydro I didnt think I would feel this good!!! This is the only treatment that works for me. Usually I take vicodin every day/every other and after my procedure I have only taken one and that was when I left the hospital! No pyridium needed--nothing! My dr is amazing p.s. I was back to work the next day