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Hydro for pain/pressure relief?

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  • Hydro for pain/pressure relief?

    Hi all. I was diagnosed with IC via a hydro and bladder biopsy back in early spring of this year. I did have glomerations and severe inflammation. I felt wonderful after the hydro but about 3 months ago I started feeling that pressure and pain coming back. I never have urgency just intense pressure like i am full all of the time and bladder spasms. I tried Elmiron but started bleeding heavily rectally so i had to stop it. I am not waiting to be called in to my Dr office today for my first instill. A bit nervous on that one. My question is how often can you get a hydro for relief of symptoms and does anyone on here use hydro as a main source of relief from symptoms? I am in my 5th week of a nursing porgram and i wroked my rear off to get in it and now im terrified of not being able to finish it...