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What is urodynamics?

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  • What is urodynamics?

    I was told by one of my urologist to have this test done. What is it and please let me know how much pain I will have to take.

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    I sure am glad I started cruising through the message boards! I'm so sorry you haven't gotten any help with this yet!

    I've been through the Urodynamics twice..... (and now this message twice because after writing to you about it for 15 minutes or however long it was, AOL signed me off due to inactivity, and I lost your message Again, so I'll try to write another one just as good. AOL UGH. )

    OK, The nurse that did the testing for me was the same for both, and they were two years apart, so I'm thinking there's one person who specializes in it who will do it for you. The lady I had was very nice and she did all she could to help it all be "comfortable". It's a series of placing wires in different places and other stuff, to measure muscle tension and spasm, and see what your bladder capacity while awake is... that kind of stuff.
    Before you go, they tell you to drink a gallon of water and not pee beforehand - so just make sure you tell them not to make you wait too long so you don't hurt yourself.
    They'll start by having you sit in a special chair to pee so they can measure the force and whether it's a steady stream or choppy, which indicates internal spasms, how much actually empties from your bladder and how much stays in there when you think you are done.... they use a couple of catheters that measure internal muscle tension... it's really very interesting all you find out from the testing. It's a little uncomfortable just because it's a big computer and you hooked up to it with someone between your legs, but it's not awfully painful. I found out that my internal muscle tension started at a scale double that of a "normal" person, and my urethra is on a scale of 1-4, 4+ hypersensitive and spastic... you get to watch it all on the screen.
    Which too, makes me think biofeedback would be of some benefit. And they also said in their report that if my condition was allowed to continue that way, I'm at risk of developing incontinence. I'm only 31 now. Why aren't they doing something if they already know?

    Anyway, I hope this helps, I'm sorry it took so long to get back with you, and feel free to write anytime!
    Good Luck!
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      For me, my test wasn't too bad because I really had a great relationship with my uro nurse. The difference between my test and Terri's test was that the nurse filled my bladder with water to see at what point I became very uncomfortable...the rest of the test was the bladder is in an almost constant state of spasms. The xanax is helping with that soooooooo much
      Many Hugs ~ Teri
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