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My Uro insists on another Urodynamic and I can't tolerate the catheterization...HELP!

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  • My Uro insists on another Urodynamic and I can't tolerate the catheterization...HELP!

    I'm new to this board, but not to IC. I'm 33 and have had it since I was 22. My Uro wants another urodynamic to evaluate where I am now. It's been at least 8 years since my first and last one. I've been putting it off and he finally cut off my Elmiron and Detrol La until I see him again. I can't tolerate the pain of the catheter. I don't now what to do. Is this something I have to deal with to continue to be treated with my meds or should I find another doctor who won't insist on tests that cause excruciating pain? Am I being unreasonable? If I go ahead with the test are there any ways to minimize the pain? Meds, tricks of the trade, voodoo? Please help me. My back is up against the wall, and I need some advice. I welcome all comments, even ones I don't want to read.

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    Your doctor probably does need to evaluate where you are now. However, I think that cutting off your meds is cruel. A new doctor would probably have to start from scratch. After the length of time that you are talking about, I certainly, as a patient, would want a more recent evaluation.

    Why not ask your doctor ahead of time to use a French cath No. 14; I find that better than a pediatric cath.

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      I am on my 3rd Uro and not one of them wanted to do any of their own testing because they felt I'd been thru enough already. So, I don't understand why this uro thinks that the test is so important.....especially since on the day you have it, it could be a day you are having spasm after spasm but the day before or after, the spasms could be 4 hours apart????????

      Am I missing something
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        I would go find another uro who is willing to give you meds and not cut them off. That is so cruel. Have you told your uro how you felt about this? Have you ever had hydro and cysto done? Welcome to the board. I had the uro done and I can't hold much water at all. I have a small bladder. Let us know how you make out. we care. Welcome to the board. Hang in there. There is hope.
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          How long has it been since you have seen this doctor? If it's been quite a while, I can understand why he doesn't feel comfortable with ordering the medications.

          My suggestion would be to make an appointment and tell him your concerns about the test being painful. Then you can make your decision about whether or not you want to make a change in doctors.

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            I also have seen 3 uro's in my IC lifetime and my most recent one last summer looked at the records I had and listened to my history and prescribed without doing any invasive test. So each Dr. is different. I hope you get some help soon.


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              Here are a few more facts that might clear up some things. Donna is right about not seeing my URO recently. I'm sure that factored into his decision, but he should have given me enough to hold me over until the appt. two months from now (the soonest I could get).

              He also basically said that the next step was the Urodynamics test and that was that. There are no other options for me other than to go to another doctor. I will however take the advice of an above poster and use the appt. to plead my case and beg not to have it done. I will however be open minded, and if my dr. says that it is essential to my treatment, then I guess I have to bite the bullet.

              If I were to have the urodynamics, and the world were perfect, I'd have my URO with me, holding my hand while I was going through it. I wonder how he would be able to practice medicine with broken fingers and bleeding eardrums from a super human grip and piercing screams. I"m not sure whether that is hyperbole or pragmatism. *smiling slightly from the visual*


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                When I had my urodynamics test in March 2001, my uro diagnosed me with overactive bladder, even though I had a long history of severe bladder pain. He gave me Detrol, and told me to return in 3 months. My pain was so severe, I couldn't function, or get any sleep. How could I wait 3 months like this? I changed UROs, and brought my urodynamics test results with me. my 2nd uro, thought I might have IC, and performed a cysto/hydro. I had the pinpoint bleeding and bladder shrinkage. Two doctors looked at the same urodynamics data, and came to two different conclusions. What I am trying to say is, the urodynamics test cannot by itself diagnose IC, nor is it a treatment of any kind. If you have previously been diagnosed with IC, stopping your Elmiron was cruel and uncalled for. I won't have another urodynamics test, ever! There is nothing to be gained from it, only extra money for the doctor.


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                  If I were you, I'd definitely try to get an appointment with another urologist. I wish I had been more assertive about seeking treatment elsewhere; I might have saved myself several years of needless discomfort had I known sooner that I had IC. It's always good to get another opinion if you are distrustful of your doctor's diagnosis (or treatment methods.)

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