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Pros and Cons of Urodynamics and Ways to Minimize Pain

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  • Pros and Cons of Urodynamics and Ways to Minimize Pain

    After reading some posts, I guess I need to have a very frank discussion with my urologist about the urodynamics test. The thing is, I've told him that it'll hurt, but he still insists that I undergo it. What are the pros and cons of a urodynamics test?

    I need to know what I can do to mimimize the pain. My major problem is with my urethra, and that's why I'm so concerned with the catheterization.

    Am I within my rights to say 'no' to this test? I think that if I refuse to have the test done, he'll just say there is nothing else he can do, which is essentially what he said when I expressed my concerns about the urodynamics in the first place. He said that it is the next step, and if I don't go through with it, then there is nothing else he can/will do.

    I just don't know how I can go in for the test knowing how much pain I'll be in from the catheter. Should I refuse, or suck it up and do it because even if I change docs, the new one will want it done also?

    I'd like advice on one, whether or not this test is that important and I should do it, and two once I decide to go through with it, how can I minimize the pain?

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    If you have a dr within 100 miles of to him/her. And, ask your current uro to give you just 5 good reasons you should have this test done. Ask him 5 things that it could possible accomplish........sometime's the dr's we have to deal with want to make me cussing cussing cussing till I can't cuss anymore (and that's an awful lot of cussin'
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      Have you been diagnosed by a cysto and hydro yet. If you have than that is good. I had a urodynamics test and it tells them just how sensitive your bladder is . By filling your bladder up a little at a time the catherter has a computer tip on it hooked up on a big computer and it lets them Know when your bladder starts contracting. Also it lets them know how your pelvic floor muscles are functioning also via a rectum tube. No it is not fun but it does provide good information to them to help you better.

      Good luck to you


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        i know how you feel and yes it hurts well it did me anyway i had it done on the very first doctor visit that is the first test the uro doctor ran on me to see if i had what he thought was ic before he took me to surgery to look. well the first one they put in my bladder was okay. the second one i was screaming in pain and crying. well the nurse said that was enough and they gave me a pain shot then and there and then put something else in my bladder that i'm not sure of what it was to num my bladder that was the most awful pain i have ever felt and i will never let any doctor do that to me again. best of luck and try to get out of it. eek
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          I had the urodymanic study test done first, we found out that I couldn't hold alot of urine. then I had the cysto and hydro and then found out that my ic surfaced again. I have lived with ic off and on most of my adult life, been in remissons off and on When I had the hydro and cysto, I asked to be put under general antehiesia ad that helped me out alot and had pain meds afterwards. I hope this helps you alot.
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            I've had the urodynamics tests done several times. Like you, my problem is urethral sensitivity. Last time I had one done, the nurse had to use a pediatric-sized catheter because I couldn't tolerate anything larger. She was extremely gentle and I only felt the "pinch" when it got past the sphincter muscle into the bladder. However, I have had these tests done where it was a lot more painful because the docs were not as careful or understanding. I was nervous, but I have done meditation on and off for years, so I focused on controlling my breath (you breathe more shallowly when you're feeling stressed and panicky) and keeping my muscles from tensing too much.

            The urodynamics testing is helpful for the uro to understand how much urine your bladder can hold. If your bladder is small or scarred, it will be less elastic, and therefore unable to hold much urine. Or, like me, you could also have neurological disfunctioning where the muscles are sending the wrong signals to contract/relax.

            One time I did have ultrasound testing, where I had to drink a large glass of water, then wait a while and void. Once I voided, they did the ultrasound to see if my bladder was still retaining urine. I don't know if that is more or less accurate than urodynamics, but you might want to ask your doctor about it.

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              I had both tests and they were helpful. But the best for diagnosis is still the hydro. All of the procedures together give your doctor a better picture of what is going on.