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Question on surgery done 30 years ago

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  • Question on surgery done 30 years ago

    I saw a new GI last night. He was going through my medical history and asked me about past surgeries. I told him about a procedure that I had done 30 years ago. I thought it was called a urothodomy. It was explained to me that they cut the urthera on both sides.
    He was totally confused. I told him they don't do it anymore. He was still confused. He thought it was impossible to do that. Has anyone been around long enough to have heard of this so one of us could be corrected?
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    I'm sorry I have no idea. I even tried to look it up but am coming up with nothing. Maybe someone else will know something.


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      Ginny, I am so sorry too, I tried to look it up too and came up with nothing. Maybe someone will know.
      Hang in there , There is hope.
      There is hope. Prayer works.

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        "Urethrotomy: cutting a stricture in the urethra"

        "This procedure involves use of a specially designed cystoscope that is advanced along the urethra until the stricture is encountered. A knife blade or laser operating from the end of the cystoscope is then used to cut the stricture, creating a gap in the narrowing. A catheter may be placed into the urethra to hold the cleft open for a period of time after the procedure to allow healing in the open position. The suggested length of time for leaving a catheter tube draining after stricture treatment can vary."
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          sorry I cant help I hope you find your answers
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            Sorry I cannot help you on that one either, maybe someone on the boards may be able to help you out with an answer, take care and hope you get answers, Iris hi
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              i'm sorry i dont have the answer either but maybe that web site Cricket will help you out good luck. wink
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                Thank you so much for finding the info. I think this is the procedure that the doctor thought I was talking about. For one it does not sound like what I had done and the reasons for doing it are not the same. The doctor had said my uretha was too small so they cut it on both ends. Sorry to be so grafic. Anyway, I have had a few doctors gasp when I tell what they did. It is now termed, the "rape of the bladder".
                Sound familiar to anyone??
                I believe it is in Dr. Gillespie's book. I will have to go to the library and look it up.