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urodynamics, potassium, pain and waiting

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  • urodynamics, potassium, pain and waiting

    Hi everyone,
    I had the urodynamics test done after a cysto, distension, biopsy, and ultrasound. I have not had an official follow-up yet and it was three weeks ago. This is due to the fact that my doctor immediately wanted a potassium test done before I followed up. Of course, now I will be on percocet for another three weeks, since that is the waiting period to schedule a test on my one day off. That makes 3 months of percocet, which thank god I am functioning on. The test was not painful, and took about 30 or 40 minutes. I expected it to be a nightmare and was pleasantly surprised. The test showed normal capacity, good pelvic floor, no spasms, and normal voiding. So far the only thing that has contributed to a possible diagnosis is the constant pain, pressure and urgency, and inflammation inside my bladder showing on the cysto. After the potassium test, the tech said all that is left is the ivp, kidney x-ray, I think. Does anyone have any input for me? Also I have been on the diet, but my sister got married last weekend. I went off for one day, and had ½ glass of champagne and some pasta salad with vinaigrette. Bad choice!! Had to double up on pain meds and use baking soda more for a couple of days. I am so sick of the bland diet. I guess if I don’t have IC there is something called sensitive bladder, which I haven’t seen posted. I wonder what treatments I will get. My pain doc mentioned neurontin. Does anyone know about this, and if so, what types of adverse reactions have you had? Thanks for listening and sharing. I love this site, and love to know I am not alone. Ps, I know the baking soda has helped me tremendously, but if you try it, watch your blood pressure and for any edema, swelling of hands feet or ankles. Otherwise 3 times a day is the max. Nikele
    Grateful to you all