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video urodynamics test!!

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  • video urodynamics test!!

    Hi guys, I have to have a video urodynamics test done soon and my uro said it is the same as when I had the instillations except that they take, everything I've been reading says much more and I am so nervous!!
    I read that they do a rectal catheter too and you have to void into a special commode... <img src="graemlins/eek.gif" border="0" alt="[eek]" /> Do they give you privacy or are you expected to go in front of everybody?
    Can anybody help me with some information? I have been almost sick to my stomach since reading about the commode and the rectal thing!!! [img]redface.gif[/img]
    Thanks, Lainie

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    I think it probably varies with what they are specifically testing for, but when I had a urodynamics test there was nothing involving my rectum.

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      When I had mine done, it was not a video, so I cannot help you there. He did put a catheter in my rectum to measure what my bladder was doing. It did not hurt at all; just a little pressure as he put it in, then I truly could not feel it.

      My doctor filled my bladder while I was lying down, asking questions like when I got my first urge, when I needed to start thinking about actually finding a bathroom and when I felt like I could not hold it any longer. He thought I had an overactive bladder and had thought my bladder would start contracting at some point and I would not be able to hold it and told me not to worry about "going" on the pad I was laying on. This did not happen.

      I think most doctors are sensitive that we are embarrassed about having this done, and try to make us feel comfortable. If you have questions, call and ask him. I'm slowly learning to ask more.


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        Well, I went to see the uro. that is going to be doing my video urodynamics today and I got some news that I was dreading...I guess they have to do the rectal catheter as well as the urethra cathater(I FORGOT HOW TO SPELL IT!! <img src="graemlins/lmao.gif" border="0" alt="[lmao]" /> )
        Anyways, he also wants me to stop taking my meds for about 3 days before the test to get an accurate reading of my "true" bladder..My question for any of you, is what happens if I stop taking my Elavil? The paperwork from the pharmacist says to not discontinue it without my dr. knowing..Should I call my regular urologist and discuss it with him or do I have nothing to worry about?
        I was just concerned because the uro that is doing the test is a new one because my regular uro doesn't have access to this video machine...blah,blah,blah!! sorry, I am babbling!! I have only been taking the Elavil and Ditropan and DDAVP since Sept 16/02 and the Elmiron since last December... Can anybody please let me know either way??
        Thanks alot, Lainie


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          I would definately let the dr. who is doing the test know all the medications you are on and specifcally ask about whether or not you need to be "weaned" from any of them. He may not realize all that you are on. Doctors are busy, and while they should be careful, it is your body and you have to look out for you. And if you are not satisfied with his answer, go to the dr. who prescribed them for you.

          And please do not worry about the rectal catheter -- it does not hurt at all. Only a little pressure (not pain) as it is inserted -- maybe for a second or two at most. Then you will not even know it is there.


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            Hi guys, thanks for all your help! It has put my mind to ease a bit..I did tell the doctor who is doing the test what I was on and that that the paperwork said not to just stop taking it and he just laughed and told me not to worry..seemed to just rush me through the visit..I was not very impressed with him at all!
            But, I will call my regular urologist and ask him if I should be weaned off the Elavil...thanks again to everyone!! Lainie [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              I have not found the testing to be painful. A nurse was with me for most of it and it was a little embarrassing but I didn't care! I just wanted to be better. If you are on a low dosage of Elavil, you don't need to be weaned off of it. I was also afraid when my uro said I could stop taking it cold turkey and so I asked several doctors. They all said that a dosage that low, (10mg) would be no problem. I experienced absolutely no problem stopping it.


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                Thanks guys! Two more days until the dreaded test! Sunday night was the last time I took my 25mg pill of Elavil and I still seem to be alive! I guess I was just freaking out over nothing! Just wanted to thank everyone who responded back to me and to tell you how much I appreciate your help! Thanks again and I will let you know how it goes! Lainie <img src="graemlins/blink.gif" border="0" alt="[blink]" />


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                  Hi-just me again...I forgot to ask if any of you had any increase in symptoms or pain after the urodynamics test? I am having a video urodynamics done, where they shoot dye through me, and I was wondering if this would aggravate my bladder??
                  Thanks! Lainie


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                    Hi guys, I did it!! I had the test today and there seems to be no neurological damage, just that I don't seem to be emptying my bladder completely, like ever! Well, I could've told them that! [img]rolleyes.gif[/img] I may have to some self-catheterizing..but he wants to do another test tomorrow with ultrasound I think!

                    But I just wanted to thank everyone for their really helped me out alot..and helped calm me down too! Thanks again, Lainie


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                      I sure do wish we could get a clapping gremlin [img]biggrin.gif[/img]
                      So, let's just fake it....*I'M CLAPPING*

                      tons of hugs~
                      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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                        Hey that's funny! I was trying fo find one for a "jummping up and down, hootin" and hollerin'

                        thanks again, [img]wink.gif[/img] Lainie


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                          I read your postings regarding the test. I am going in for one next Friday. I feel a little since all of you state it doesn't hurt. I am assuming I can go to work after the test correct?? [img]confused.gif[/img]


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                            Hi FishKiss

                            The test is very shame (??), but it doesn´t hurts, and of course, after that you can do your life

                            You´ll be fine!!


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                              Hi FrenchKiss

                              The test takes about 30 minutes - is not painful -just a little embarrassing but the nurses will make you feel comfortable - you just have to look at it like, they see this all the time so it's no big deal to them! There is no pain afterward, only your ego! You will be able to go to work afterwards! Good luck! Lainie <img src="graemlins/kissing.gif" border="0" alt="[kissing]" />