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Urine "Markers" for Diagnosis of IC?

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  • Urine "Markers" for Diagnosis of IC?

    Just picked up "The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide" from, and on page 32 the author mentions four urine tests that are not generally used in the diagnosis of IC and aren't available in just any clinical laboratory.

    I'm curious if anyone out there has had these tests done? If so, what were you're results? Where did you have the test(s) performed? If you had to pay for them, how much did they cost?

    This morning I faxed the page from the book to my uro to see if the lab at UW Medical Center in Seattle is able to perform any of these tests. Waiting on his answer.

    The tests are:

    1.) Complex molecules called glycosaminoglycans are found in low concentration in the urine of most IC patients when compared to people w/o IC.

    2.) Increased amounts of hyaluronic acid in the urine of IC patients. This finding is particularly interesting since hyaluronic acid is normally found beneath the bladder surface. To find this chemical in the urine suggests that the bladder wall in IC pateints is "leaky."

    3.) Another well-stuided potential marker for interstitial cystitis is GP51. This is a large molecule that is normally present on the bladder's surface and in the urine.

    4.) Another test has shown that the urine of IC patients can inhibit the growth of bladder cells when cultured in a laboratory setting.

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    I would like to know this as well. Sounds very interesting. If you find out let me know


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      Very interesting Derrick! I am waiting for my book to come. I would like to know what you find out from your Uro.

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