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    hi, I am new to the message boards also.....
    I am suffering with unbearable pain also! My uro has given me almost every treatment out there for IC- I have had the hydro/bladder biopsy, several DMSO treatments....Everything that I have had done that has involved touching or testing anywhere near my urethra, just makes my bladder worse...I am now being treated for a bladder infection from my regular fam doc- and she prescribed Cipro---
    It has not taken away the burning or pain and I am almost at the end of my 10 day course with that. It has just given me really bad diarhea, and I have irritable bowel syndrome, which has been aggravated by this latest treatment! I am almost at the point of taking a jump off of the nearest bridge,,,because nobody understands the intensity of this pain,,,especially male docs
    who have probably never had a bladder infection......I am still hanging on to the outside edge of that bridge,,I know that is the last thing I really want to do,,,but the pain is unbearable....My uro refuses to presribe vicodin or any substance that has a narcotic attatched to it's fam doc did prescribe some vicodin for me but I know that she will not want to refill it once it is gone..... Any suggestions are welcomed...

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    Lauren don't jump off that bridge just yet. If I may suggest...please shop around for a new uro. The pain issue must be addressed. You know that, we just wish your uro knew that. I understand why Doctors don't want to prescribe pain meds but at the same time it is inhumane for you to suffer like this.

    There are pain clincs that your uro can send you to as well. They specialize in helping you control the pain.

    What other treatments have you tried. Have you tried any of these for pain: ELavil or other anitdepressants, TENS, Pelvic FLoor Therapy?

    You know you could sort interview uros and tell them. "I have IC, I'm currently looking for a uro to help me. I am in severe pain and my current doctor will not prescribe anything or offer any viable treatment to help with the pain. Could you help me?" Its your body and you have to live in it. You shouldn't have to be in pain. Keep searching for a uro that will help. Many of us here went thru many uros til we found one we "clicked" with.

    Hang in there!

    PS: In this site, there is a list by state of Urologists who spcifically deal with IC--perhaps that could help you find one.
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      I am so sorry you are in so much pain and no one will help. I know what that is like. You must find another Uro that will be more compassionate to your needs. I cannot believe you were not given a pain med for the infection. He could have done that. Please ask your family Dr. again for the pain med and explain how badly you hurt and how it is affecting your life and see what happens. All my hugs to you.



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        Hi, Lauren! I am sorry that it is so hard to get help for pain. Lately it has been a constant struggle to stay comfortable while I am pregnant. I was in so much pain at one point that I couldn't do anything! I had to go to the ER were they gave me Tylenol #3 which they said is safe while you are pregnant.
        If I were you I would ask your uro if they can atleast refer you to a pain doctor for your pain because you just can't stand it anymore. It is not right to let you be in pain all the time. After all, how would they like it to be in constant horrible pain?? These people don't seem to listen unless you make it sound like you will die if someone doesn't help soon! They could never understand the pain we go through. We have to let them know how much it is affecting our lives for them to understand. I had to do that when they stopped giving me Tylenol #3, I was in so much pain. They gave me some Tylenol #3 to tide me over until I saw the perinatologist. The perinatoligist is allowing me to take Darvocet right now which is definitely better than nothing. I told them that I was in so much pain that I can't stand it anymore. I told my midwife that I was dying in pain and that I could eat or sleep. I was on stronger pain meds from my wonderful pain dr that helped quite a bit before I got pregnant. I agree with Yvette about finding a new uro. I am sure there are more understanding urologists out there. My uro prescribed me lortabs and eventually Percocet before he sent me to a pain dr. It does take about a month to get an appointment with a pain specialist. The ICA found a uro in my area that helps IC patients. If you write them an email telling them where you live maybe they can find you a new uro that treats IC patients. Your family doctor might be able to refer you to a pain clinic also, you could ask. Just let them know that the pain is unbearable! Good luck, I will pray that you find the relief you need very soon!



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          Hi Lauren,

          I can relate to you and have felt the same way several times in the past, but hang on. As the others have said, you need to look into finding a new uro and possibly a pain clinic. Have you thought about trying Elmiron?? I myself, will be starting it soon, nothing else has worked for me and i'm hoping this will.
          Take care and stay positive, it's half the battle.


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            Hi Lauren,

            I can totally relate to the way you are feeling. They have come a long way with treatments. I have been at the end of my rope and wanting to jump of a bridge also. Somebody told me that there are so many different treatments and combinations of treatments that you just have to find the right combination. Before I got pregnant I was taking Elmiron, neurontion, urocit K . and a cranberry pill I also had a prescription of Elavil just in case I wanted to start taking it with my other meds. You really need to find a Doc who knows about IC and is willing to help you. There are alot of doctors who specialize in this disease. I will pary for you and hope you find relief which you will. By the way do you watch your diet i know this helps to just a small part of the puzzle.
            God Bless Tiffany