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  • Urodynamic Test

    I am having an Urodynamic test tommorrow
    morning. Has anyone ever had one of these and
    what is the normal procedure. I have residual
    urine inmy bladder after voiding and may have
    nerve damage in the bladder neck on top of having IC. Thanks

    Your Brother in Christ and IC

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    Hi James:
    I did two Urodynamic testing done that's how I found out that I had pelvic floor dysfunction..
    This is also a good test for you for the InterStim ..
    It is not that bad, the only time it hurt is filling up your bladder to where you can handle it.
    You have to sit on potty and pee with wire attach to your private area, this is hook up to a computer for them to see how you are emptying your bladder, you sure can not be
    shy to do this to James.
    Good luck and let me know how it goes for you James ok..


    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      DebbieB- You were so right. This test sure
      takes away any modesty one might have. It was certainly umcomfortable if not downright
      painful. Initial results show abnormalties
      with the nerves and the sphincter . I will
      know all on Monday when I see the Uro.
      Then on Feb 2 I go to see Dr Corcos in
      Montreal re the Interstim Implant. Will keep you posted.

      Your Brother in Christ and IC


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        Hi James:
        Not fun huh??
        I look at it now, since the InterStim Implant I do not have to do that test again..

        But then James , when you have you InterStim Implant you get to show off you butt the next time LOL
        I guess I like showing off my butt now too, LOL, LOL.....
        James keep me posted on how it goes in Montreal with Dr.Corcos, also ask him if he knows Dr.M.Hassouna for me ok..

        Hugs Debbie

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        Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!